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Transforming Data Teams Into AI Champions

We’re bridging the gap between people and data through an industry AI platform that empowers organizations with quick access to quality data.

We Bring People and Data Together

There will be a mass extinction of tech-illiterate organizations that have not figured out a way to leverage data. Today’s data teams must embrace a transformative approach to get the most value out of their most important asset.

Skypoint is an industry AI Platform built for the new era of generative AI, and private Copilots. With Skypoint, your organization gains the platform and partner to achieve your greatest potential.

We believe that your team should own your data and have a solution that lives within your four walls.

We focus on bringing effective AI solutions for regulated industries to “Chat with Your Data.”

Meet the Skypoint Leadership Team

We’re your data solutions partner for the era of AI. Through leading-edge AI solutions and services, we fulfill our promise of rapid and lasting transformation for your organization.

Tisson Mathew

Founder and CEO

Gavin McLaughlin

Head of Forward Deployed Engineering

Sayandip Sarkar

Head of Product Engineering

Steve Mika

Head of Deployment Strategy

Rahul Rathi

Head of Finance & Operations

Sagar Pardeshi

Head of People & Culture