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AI Copilots to 10X Productivity in Regulated Industries

Skypoint AI Platform (AIP) is an industry-specific, compound AI system that integrates specialized LLMs, retrievers, and tools to deliver a 10X increase in employee productivity and efficiency.

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Leveraged by Leaders in Regulated Industries:

Self-Service Analytics

Seamlessly turn data into insights and insights into actions to drive more impactful decision-making.

With data visualization tools like Power BI, our approach provides users insight into their digital landscape — allowing them to unlock true potential from analytical results. Learn more

Your Business Copilot

Engage personal AI copilots to streamline key business elements:

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Automate Mundane Tasks

Save time, money and resources by putting manual, repetitive tasks on autopilot, enabling your staff to do more with less.

Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents) is a suite of tools that empowers analysts and business users to develop transactional, automated, and analytical solutions….without the perils of writing code.

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Chat with Your Data By combining your enterprise knowledge graph, data sensitivity labels, Skypoint's AI Copilot, and a trained data set (industry LLM), users can quickly engage with your organization's data set, or external industry data set, using conversational language. Learn more

Unify Your Data Sources

Unify structured data (CRM, Financial, Clinical, etc.) unstructured data (documents, video, and audio) and external data (reviews), centered by your enterprise knowledge graph to determine relationships.

Skypoint's AI platform is built on a data lakehouse with an open architecture, seamlessly integrating with other modern data and AI tools.

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Industry Large Language Model (LLM)

Skypoint is the first to provide an industry-specific LLM for the senior living industry, meaning the model is trained to contextually ground the generative AI outputs, ensuring accuracy, security, and accessibility.

Knowledge Graph = Knowledge Management
Empower your employees with answers at their fingertips – internal policies, resident information, best practices, and other information related to your organization. 

Full Stack Compound AI System

The Skypoint AI platform is an industry-specific compound AI system that combines multiple interacting components, including specialized LLMs, retrievers, and external tools. It offers scalable, end-to-end solutions, including the ability to “chat with your data” through private AI Copilots.

Adapts to your private enterprise data for accurate AI answers with state of the art reasoning engine. Engage with AI copilots, self-serve analytics, task automation, and AI agents to 10X productivity and efficiency across your organization.

Industry AI Use Cases:

Unified Data: AI-Ready Unified Data with Industry Context

Skypoint AI platform consolidates all your data sources, preparing them for AI with labels, tags, and annotations, enabling organization-wide data & AI utilization.

Built on a lakehouse architecture, we offer a unified, open foundation for data and governance, enhanced with industry-specific AI and built-in data catalog that understands your industry’s semantics.

AI Answer Engine: Trusted Question Answering Powered by Your Data

Ask a question, and Skypoint AI becomes your trusted knowledge navigator – instantly delivering accurate answers and their source materials.. “Explain how our facility ensures compliance with state regulations for skilled nursing. Include details on licensing, inspections, and corrective actions.”

AI Agents: Workflow and Task Automation

“Generate a personalized care plan for a 78-year-old patient with diabetes and hypertension, based on their medical history, current medications, and allergies.”

AI Assistant: Financial Planning and Analysis

Reduce the need for meetings to review finance metrics. Get financial performance insights at the tip of your fingers.

“What’s our overtime hours split by job role?”

Unified AI/BI: Intelligent Analytics

Skypoint offers built-in, AI-powered dashboards, KPIs and reports with all the conventional BI capabilities you expect out-of-the-box. Integrate with Microsoft Power BI to answer a fixed set of business questions.

Furthermore, exploring insights unavailable in the dashboard is a click away into a complementary AI Copilot.

What Makes Skypoint's AI Unique?

Not a one-size-fits-all AI. Every industry we serve has its own AI stack (compound AI systems architecture) . These stacks include various components that work together to understand and address your industry’s specific language, processes, and rules. This customization ensures our AI is more accurate, and relevant (state of the art reasoning), with practical use cases for each industry use case.

Skypoint AI platform is:

Your Industry. Your Data. Your AI Stack.

AI Agent User Interface

This interactive layer brings the concept of "Chat with Your Data" to life. It allows healthcare professionals to engage with data in a natural, conversational way, making data more approachable and usable for everyone.

  • Conversational Interaction: Whether you need patient statistics, schedule information, or financial data, ask AI in plain language and receive immediate responses.

  • Secure and Compliant Data Access: Ensures that data interactions are secure and compliant with healthcare regulations. 

  • Accessible to All Users: Regardless of technical expertise, anyone can use this interface to interact with data. 

This Layer Makes Data "AI-Ready"

"AI-ready data" refers to data that is prepared and organized in a manner that facilitates efficient and effective analysis by AI:

  • Well-Organized and Standardized

  • Accurate and Complete

  • Includes Everything Important

  • Easily Shareable

  • Protects Patient Privacy

  • Up-to-Date

  • Used Responsibly and With Permission

This Layer Adds Industry Context

"Industry context" means customizing and using these tools in ways that specifically make sense for healthcare. 

  • Medical Knowledge Integration: An understanding of medical terminology, procedures, diseases, and treatments

  • HIPAA Compliant: It's aware of laws like HIPAA 

  • Understands Patient Data: Capable of processing and interpreting various types of healthcare data (EHRs, doctor's notes, research papers.)

  • Personalized Responses: Tailored responses or analysis based on individual patient data.

  • Accessibility and Clarity: Easily understandable by healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

  • Interdisciplinary Understanding: Understands how healthcare intersects with other areas like insurance & billing.

This Layers Adds Feedback & Fine-Tuning

The Feedback & Fine-Tuning layer of an AI stack ensures that the technology is continuously learning from real-world use and human expertise, adapting to the specific needs of different roles within healthcare, and is always under the watchful eye of human professionals to maintain the highest standards of care and safety.

  • Skypoint's AI is tailored for different areas within Senior Care, such as assisted living and in-home care, with a focus on the specific needs and roles within these sectors.

  • Learning from Real-World Feedback (RLHF)

  • Human Supervision and Ethical Oversight

Learn more: What is an AI Stack?

Check out our AI bootcamps.

Forward Deployed Engineering

Platforms are a necessary solution, but they are not the whole solution. With Skypoint, you gain a winning combination of AI expertise and a certified Microsoft Solutions partner to help you uncover data & AI  opportunities, and achieve your highest potential.

We can collaborate with your team to optimize data integration processes, fine-tune reporting capabilities, and identify AI use cases.

Our forward deployed engineers meet you where you are to get the most value from our platform and deliver on your unique AI use cases and requirements.

Whether it’s Azure, Databricks, Fabric, OpenAI or Private Copilot rollouts, we help plot the right course to stay nimble in the era of enterprise AI.

Our AI Ecosystem & Expertise

AI Solutions for Regulated Industries

From healthcare to the public sector, financial services and insurance, we help regulated industries leverage AI to access instant answers, automate tasks, and empower people to provide optimal outcomes and experiences.

Generative AI for Healthcare Organizations

Skypoint AI automates workflows, unifies clinical information, uncovers insights, and allows you to “chat with your data”.

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Rooted in Privacy & Security

Our HIPAA-compliant AI stack (compound AI system) is composed of a wide range of technologies, including open-source software (OSS), OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service, and Skypoint’s own research and development intellectual property (IP). Your data stays within a secure environment, giving you full control over privacy and governance. Skypoint’s stringent privacy control measures include: