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AI for Long-Term Care (LTC):

Skypoint unifies your LTC data to leverage AI to provide simple, accurate and instant  answers to complex long-term care questions.

Who We Work With:

Chat With Your LTC Data

Skypoint securely unifies the data you already have, to drive senior long-term care quality in more meaningful ways while advancing your internal data maturity.

Skypoint unifies your data to leverage AI to provide simple, accurate and instant answers to complex questions.

Skypoint offers a comprehensive AI stack designed to fit the unique demands of regulated industries like senior care, where specific requirements and regulations matter.

Data Sources We Bring Together for AI Use:

System Data Sources

EHR, CRM, ERP, SDOH, Claims data & more.

EHR & Other "Structured" Data Sources

We bring data sources like EHR, Finance, CRM, SDOH, and other system data you use regularly. We call this structured Data

Policies & Procedures

Internal policies, procedures, and other documentation.

Policies, Procedures & Other Documents

We bring your PDFs and other Word docs that include policies, procedures, and any other internal documentation. We call this unstructured Data

Audio, Video & Photos

Videos, voice notes, photos and more.

Video, Audio, & Other "Unstructured" Data

We bring in your video, audio, voice notes and other files into a data lakehouse for AI use.We call this unstructured data.

Specific Use Cases:

The Skypoint AI platform consolidates fragmented data enabling you to chat with your data sources, grounded in context.

Ask Your Policies & Procedures

“Explain how our facility ensures compliance with state regulations for skilled nursing. Include details on licensing, inspections, and corrective actions.”

Create Personalized Care Plans

“Generate a list of personalized care plan for a 78-year-old patient with diabetes and hypertension, based on their medical history, current medications and allergies.”

Perform Planning and Analysis

Reduce the need of meetings to review finance metrics  – and provide financial performance insights at the tip of your fingers.

“What’s our overtime hours split by job role?”

Other LTC Generative AI Use Cases:

Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support:

“Analyze our patient database to identify common health complications in residents over 75 with chronic conditions and suggest tailored care plan modifications.”

Policy Compliance Reporting

“Cross-reference our current care protocols with the latest CMS guidelines provided in the recent PDF updates and summarize any discrepancies or areas for compliance improvement.

Clinical Performance Metrics

“Aggregate our clinical performance data and compare it with national LTC benchmarks available in recent industry reports to identify areas of improvement and excellence.”

Personalized Patient Engagement

“Based on our patient satisfaction survey data, identify key areas for improvement in patient-family communication and draft an action plan.”

Cost Reduction Strategies

“Analyze our financial reports and patient care logs to identify high-cost areas and propose strategies to reduce expenses while maintaining or improving care quality.”

Patient Care Optimization

“Utilize our patient health records, including treatment histories and outcomes, to suggest personalized care strategies for better management of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.”

Patient Outcome Forecasting

“Predict the outcomes for different patient cohorts receiving a new treatment protocol, based on historical data.”

Optimize Resource Allocation

“Use our staffing and patient acuity data from the past six months to model and suggest the most efficient nurse-to-patient ratios for different shifts.”

Staff Training and Development

“Develop an interactive training module for our staff on modern wound care techniques and best practices in post-acute rehab settings based on our current policies.”

Patient Family Communications

“Draft a sensitive and informative letter to the family of a patient/resident explaining the new protocols for visitation and interaction under COVID-19 guidelines.”

Quality Improvement Initiatives

“Summarize the key findings from the latest industry research on fall prevention in elderly care and propose actionable strategies for our facility.”

Staff Analysis & Training Assessment:

“Review our staff performance data from the past year to identify training gaps and develop a targeted educational program for wound care management.”

Educational Material Based on Patient Journey Data:

“Compile data on patient progress through post-acute rehab from our records and create a guide for families that outlines typical recovery milestones and support mechanisms.”

Workflow Optimization Using Historical Operational Data:

“Assess our past medication administration records to identify patterns of inefficiency or error, and propose a revised workflow strategy.”

Health and Safety Protocol Development from Incident Data:

“Examine our internal health and safety audit records to develop a refined set of protocols and a checklist for future audits.”

AI Agent User Interface

This interactive layer brings the concept of "Chat with Your Data" to life. It allows healthcare professionals to engage with data in a natural, conversational way, making data more approachable and usable for everyone.

  • Conversational Interaction: Whether you need patient statistics, schedule information, or financial data, ask AI in plain language and receive immediate responses.

  • Secure and Compliant Data Access: Ensures that data interactions are secure and compliant with healthcare regulations. 

  • Accessible to All Users: Regardless of technical expertise, anyone can use this interface to interact with data. 

This Layer Makes Data "AI-Ready"

"AI-ready data" refers to data that is prepared and organized in a manner that facilitates efficient and effective analysis by AI:

  • Well-Organized and Standardized

  • Accurate and Complete

  • Includes Everything Important

  • Easily Shareable

  • Protects Patient Privacy

  • Up-to-Date

  • Used Responsibly and With Permission

This Layer Adds Industry Context

"Industry context" means customizing and using these tools in ways that specifically make sense for healthcare. 

  • Medical Knowledge Integration: An understanding of medical terminology, procedures, diseases, and treatments

  • HIPAA Compliant: It's aware of laws like HIPAA 

  • Understands Patient Data: Capable of processing and interpreting various types of healthcare data (EHRs, doctor's notes, research papers.)

  • Personalized Responses: Tailored responses or analysis based on individual patient data.

  • Accessibility and Clarity: Easily understandable by healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

  • Interdisciplinary Understanding: Understands how healthcare intersects with other areas like insurance & billing.

This Layers Adds Feedback & Fine-Tuning

The Feedback & Fine-Tuning layer of an AI stack ensures that the technology is continuously learning from real-world use and human expertise, adapting to the specific needs of different roles within healthcare, and is always under the watchful eye of human professionals to maintain the highest standards of care and safety.

  • Skypoint's AI is tailored for different areas within Senior Care, such as assisted living and in-home care, with a focus on the specific needs and roles within these sectors.

  • Learning from Real-World Feedback (RLHF)

  • Human Supervision and Ethical Oversight

Learn more: What is an AI Stack?

What Makes Skypoint's AI Unique?

Not a one-size-fits-all AI. Our AI stack includes various components that work together to understand and address your industry’s specific language, processes, and rules. This customization ensures our AI is more precise, relevant, and useful in your daily operations.

Our AI stack is built for reliability, security, and ease of use, making it a trusted partner in your industry’s digital transformation.

With Skypoint’s AI, you’re not just adopting technology; you’re enhancing efficiency and quality of care in value-based care delivery.

AI Supplemented by A Full Suite of Professional Services:

Leading-edge solutions customized to streamline operations and provide better patient care.

We build custom AI Copilot tailored to your organization’s specific needs, branding, and terminology. Unlike generic chat bots, like Bard or ChatGPT, a Custom AI Copilot is engineered to understand and work with your unique data sets. 


Sidestep the headaches that come with traditional development and deployment. Make your data accessible and scalable by building your data warehouse and ETL code in the cloud.

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Power Platfom

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Power BI

Connect disparate data sources, build data models for meaningful insights, and leverage artificial intelligence and security features to meet your self-service analytics needs.

Unify the best of data warehouses and data lakes in one simple platform to handle all your data, analytics, machine learning and AI use cases.

Simplify data processes with an integrated cloud data platform that covers workloads for custom software, data analytics, data engineering, data science, and data sharing.

Transform Senior Care with the Skypoint AI Platform

Be the innovation you wish to see in senior care by using Skypoint to unify data from hundreds of sources so you gain a 360 view and build an integrated senior care journey.

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