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Microsoft Azure

Reap the true benefits of cloud computing with scalable and secure cloud-centric or hybrid infrastructure.

Make Your Data Accessible, Secure, and Scalable

Microsoft Azure allows you to accelerate business innovation by easily building and deploying apps. Azure is a customizable solution that aligns with the unique needs of your business, including your privacy and compliance requirements.

Azure empowers your team to sidestep many of the headaches associated with traditional development. By building your data warehouse and ETL code in the cloud, we make your data accessible and scalable. Data security and privacy concerns (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, SOC) are addressed right out of the box.

Our Microsoft Azure Capabilities

Easily build, deploy, and manage new apps to advance your business.

Cloud-First Implementation

We design your cloud-centric or hybrid infrastructure from the ground up with scalability and security built in.

Software Modernization

We update your custom applications with Azure App Service, WebJobs, and Functions.

Data-Driven Organization

We help you build a robust data infrastructure in Azure and Power BI.

Training and Deployment​

We train and mentor your BI team to get the most out of Azure components and architecture.

Usage Maximization

We configure fine-grained control to optimize your Azure cloud consumption.

Modern Data Architecture

We support data processes with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Azure SQL, and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Process Automation

We orchestrate and automate your data movement with Azure Data Factory.

Hybrid Infrastructure

We help you make the most of the cloud while leaving highly sensitive infrastructure on-premise.

Enable Your Business for AI Quickly, Easily, and Securely

With Skypoint as your dedicated team of data and AI experts, you have the best support to build a robust, scalable, and secure data infrastructure for effective AI.