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Data and AI Strategy

End-to-end data and AI strategies that drive immediate data value by combining our robust AI Platform with the extensive experience of Skypoint professional services.

Data Strategy: Understand How to Prioritize and Execute

Today every organization needs to be data-driven, but few have the resources to achieve this. Implementing cookie-cutter solutions can only get you so far—you need experienced data strategists who take the time to understand your needs, select the right tools, and implement an effective solution.

Combined with our industry AI Platform, our data strategist helps you realize the promises of data-driven decision-making and digital transformation without reinventing the wheel.


Identify data weaknesses and opportunities, then prioritize your next steps for critical business needs.


Develop a roadmap to bring cohesiveness and clarity to your data ecosystem and teams.


Rally teams around a governance policy with achievable goals so everyone becomes part of the solution.


Integrate systems and solve unique challenges with a deliberate plan and supporting architecture.

Analytics: Take Control of Data and Technology

Your data is only as good as your ability to generate timely insights to inform impactful actions. We partner with you to deliver data analytics solutions and provide constant guidance to support informed business decisions.

Acting as a force multiplier for your in-house IT team, we swiftly analyze your business, find the most valuable data opportunities, recommend the right BI solution, and provide a clear roadmap for implementation.

We help you build processes and infrastructure to promote data governance and data cleanliness, using robust data warehousing automation tools to improve cost-efficiency while building trust in data.

Managed BI: Grow Bigger Data Muscles

Are your internal business intelligence (BI) capabilities meeting modern requirements to support your growth? Our managed BI services help you make strategic improvements to transform into a data-driven organization.

We collaborate with your team to optimize data integration processes, fine-tune reporting capabilities, and build a secure, centralized repository for business-critical data. Instead of black box solutions, we offer ample training so your team has the freedom and skills to take the managed environment in-house should you choose to.

Our expertise spans operations and IT—we work with your entire business team to create holistic solutions with a full suite of data warehouse and visualization tools to support the most effective data infrastructure.

Use Technology to Better Serve Your People

Skypoint Cloud offers a unique blend of data expertise and a robust AI platform so you can leverage technology to better serve people inside and outside of your organization.

Professional Services

Skypoint’s AI Platform makes information accessible, reliable, valuable, and tangible. It closes the gap between individuals and data by delivering a scalable, intelligent, and extensible data infrastructure.

Our platform offers plenty of powerful capabilities out of the box to turn data from disparate sources into insights and actions without sacrificing security, governance, and integrity. But, we also realize that many businesses have unique and specific requirements.

Skypoint’s professional services help architect your data estate to make the most of your investment. Our #1 goal is to build custom solutions that leverage your data on our AI Platform to meet your business goals.

Business Intelligence Technology and Expertise

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 30+ years, and active Solutions Partner, we specialize in data warehousing, modeling, and visualization. We integrate data sources of all kinds—in the cloud or on-premise—and model the data for seamless reporting.