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Microsoft Fabric

A cost-effective and performance-optimized data infrastructure for business intelligence, machine learning, and AI at any scale.

Build Your AI-Forward Unified Data Foundation with Fabric

Microsoft Fabric represents an evolution of existing Microsoft products such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, or Azure Data Explorer.

Fabric is your go-to platform for all your business intelligence, machine learning, and AI needs, no matter the size. With an open and governed data lakehouse foundation, it’s cost-effective and designed for optimal performance.

Whether you’re looking to migrate or upgrade your existing analytics solutions, from data appliances to traditional data warehouses, Microsoft Fabric has got you covered.

With Skypoint as a trusted partner, organizations can unlock the full potential of Microsoft Fabric, benefitting from a unified data foundation, role-specific analytics, AI-powered capabilities, cost management, real-time insights, Microsoft 365 integration, and more.

Microsoft Fabric does it all in one unified experience

Our Fabric Capabilities

We’re your Microsoft Solutions Partner in the era of AI, helping understand and unlock Fabric’s capabilities.


Unify Your Data Foundation

Consolidate your data sources into a single copy, establishing a trusted source of truth for improved integration and accessibility.

Activate Your Data

Enable triggers and notifications for ACTIONABLE insights to do the right things at the right time.

Self-Serve Analytics

Empower individuals across your organization to generate real-time insights and make data-driven decisions using Power BI.

Secure Data Sharing

We build structured data hubs for sharing information inside or outside your organization.

Shortcut Solutions

We boost your analytics with shortcuts for Power Platform, D365, or multi-cloud needs.

Govern and Secure

Ensure responsible data management, with built-in security, governance, and compliance measures, for enhanced control and peace of mind.

Optimize Your Licensing

Licensing can be complex. We optimize your Fabric billing and cost tracking, providing transparent and flexible solutions for optimized cost management.

Unlock Generative AI

We accelerate data analysis with AI, unlocking new insights and enabling innovative solutions for enhanced business value.
Join our monthly user group!

Level Up Your Fabric Knowledge - Join our User Group

The Portland Fabric User Group (formerly Portland Power BI User Group) is a community of people excited about the business analytics and AI stack, Microsoft Fabric. We believe the platform offers rich possibilities, and we keep pace by hosting this group to share our learning through deep-dive explorations of topics.

Our monthly meetups feature guest speakers covering various topics, so there’s something for everyone. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, we’re all about gathering around our unified interest of data analytics and AI.

By joining us, you’ll get to network with like-minded folks, gain knowledge, and be part of a supportive community. Meetings are recorded and shared on our YouTube channel playlist.

“We would never have been able to get to where we are without Skypoint Cloud. The team brought various expertise with Power BI, Azure, and Power Apps to help us navigate a highly complex project. They saved us a lot of growing pain and trial-and-error.”

Explore The Possibilities of AI, Analytics, and Automation

Check out the possibilities within the Microsoft ecosystem, from Fabric, to Power Platform and beyond:

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