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Industry AI Platform

We’re bridging the gap between people and data with an industry-specific AI platform that empowers teams with quicker access to quality data, leveraging generative AI trained on an industry data set (LLM).

Skypoint AI Platform - Enterprise Data, Analytics and Generative AI for Industries

The Industry AI Solution for Your Data-Driven Organization

Skypoint is an industry AI platform for generative AI (Copilot), analytics, and automation. It is built on a data lakehouse with an open architecture, seamlessly integrating with other modern data and AI tools. 

Skypoint creates a single source of truth, with governance, security and compliance built in. We empower analysts, analytics engineers, and data scientists to unlock high-value insights and drive innovation.

Transform Data to Insights in Seconds

The seamless way to load data from multiple sources and gain meaningful insights.


Extract data from multiple complex sources so you avoid progress-slowing data silos and build a strong data pipeline.


Centralize and store all your data in Skypoint Lakehouse.


Declutter and integrate different data sources while improving data cleanliness.


Analyze a treasure trove of insights through popular tools like Power BI without needing expensive data engineering.

Built to Help Organizations Use AI Effectively

Skypoint’s platform is designed with all the necessary infrastructure and technology to help you productize your data and build a data-driven organization.

Unify data across your ecosystem to create golden records at scale with master data management.

Build reliable ELT and Reverse ETL data pipelines with industry-standard connectors to integrate and manage large volumes of data from any source.

Streamline critical business processes and scale your enterprise data strategy by combining the benefits of a data warehouse and data lake.

Establish a single source of truth with our proprietary ML-based identity resolution algorithm that produces rich and precise 360-degree profiles.

Support personalized and trusted interactions across channels with unified 360 profiles that provide the evolving user journey in real-time.

Anticipate needs with real-time data and deliver meaningful experiences during every touchpoint using custom models and built-in AI.

Automate and integrate consent and preference management with data residency and privacy protection to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other state laws.

Support granular audience segmentation, provide insights for 1:1 interactions at scale, and boost the ROI of your favorite marketing tools.

Connect unified, trusted data with business applications via seamless API integrations to empower citizen developers and accelerate innovation.

AI Platform Monthly Subscription

$ 4,995
/ month
  • Includes:
  • Private Custom Branded Copilot
  • Managed Data Lakehouse
  • Industry-Specific LLM / AI Stack
  • Data Integration (Common Sources)
  • Built-in Data Catalog & Lineage
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Break-Fix & Maintenance
  • 5 Hours Professional Services / month
  • 500 Compute Credits ($7.50 per credit after)

Skypoint Industry AI Platform FAQs

Skypoint’s AI Platform is an end-to-end AI data ingestion hub where you manage, clean, and analyze your data with automated pipelines and a myriad of integrations. Skypoint AI allows you to centralize your data, in turn creating a single source of truth so you can break down data silos and leverage Generative AI.

Our mission is to bring people and data together. Our AI platform achieves this mission by seamlessly connecting the flow of information and democratizing data.

With Skypoint’s AI Platform, your organization integrates disparate data, reduces engineering time, automates everything from reporting to compliance, lowers the cost of analytics, and leverages high-quality insights to make informed business decisions.

Navigating the modern data landscape is challenging. If you’re using legacy tools, it’s way too complicated to load data from multiple sources. And, you have to create highly complex algorithms to query data to gain actionable insights.

This means that engineering teams are taxed with solving these data challenges to move an organization toward analytical maturity. This is labor-intensive and costly for the entire organization, because it keeps data processes wildly inefficient when they could be largely automated.

Skypoint’s AI Platform gives you access to essential components to transform into a modern data-driven organization:

  • An efficient ETL/ELT mechanism to unify data from multiple sources.
  • A platform to create a single source of truth, enforce governance, and increase trust in data.
  • A cloud-based solution that’s easy to scale, access, and maintain.
  • Advanced data transformation tools to meet fast-evolving customer expectations and business needs.
  • A robust data warehouse or data lake to meet storage and analytical requirements.
  • A business intelligence tool for visualizing and communicating data insights.

You might be wondering if you can build your own AI stack.

Theoretically, you can. But if you cobble together different tools, you may find yourself back in square one: juggling a collection of disjointed solutions that may or may not play nice with each other. You’d also likely spend a lot of time and resources playing catch up with fast-evolving business requirements and industry expectations.

To thrive in the current climate, you have to be able to manage and analyze data quickly and at scale, without compromising data privacy and security.

Skypoint’s AI Platform provides you with a solid foundation for all your business analytics, generative AI and automation. You gain a single source of truth from which you can securely pull insights to make data-informed decisions that consistently drive business growth.

Absolutely. Not only will you gain instant access to a myriad of tools, systems, and automations when you sign up for Skypoint, but you’ll also be able to seamlessly integrate data from apps you already love to use.

We’ve built connectors to the most commonly used industry solutions, you don’t need to disrupt your current workflows to make the most of our Platform. We’re always adding more, too, so if you notice a tool you use isn’t on the list, let us know and we’ll add it to our integration capabilities.

Our transparent pricing plan is listed here

Ready to Transform Your Data From Day One

Connect data from all of your tools and systems, get your team up to speed, and gain full ownership of your data in a secure platform.