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Skypoint Activate

Skypoint’s Customer Data Activation empowers your marketing, sales, and service professionals to tailor 1:1 interactions at-scale.

Skypoint Activate - Customer Data Activation

AI-Powered Insights For Meaningful Customer Engagement

Most organizations have invested in marketing technology stacks. But without high-quality data, generative AI, and effective consent management, they struggle to generate actionable insights that support data privacy and personalization initiatives.

Skypoint AI’s Activate feature empowers customer data activation so your data works harder. Through hyper-targeted audience segmentation and smart automation, you can deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time to the right audience.

Boost the ROI of Your Favorite Marketing Tools

Improve customer engagement with actionable insights and recommendations.


Create hyper-targeted customer segments and deliver the most relevant content to drive engagement and conversions.


Metrics help you to better understand your customer behaviors and business performance. 

Seamless Integration

Export metrics and audience segments to your current tools and optimize your business performance.

Privacy-First Experience​

Seamlessly integrated with Skypoint’s Empower feature builds trust with customers through consent management and privacy compliance.

Schedule Your Walkthrough of Skypoint's AI Platform

The Skypoint AI platform safely automates critical tasks to help you get more from your organization’s most valuable asset – customer data.

It’s time to boost the ROI of your customer engagement and outreach strategy, so you create meaningful brand interactions every time.

Schedule a walkthrough of our AI Platform, so you can see how features like Skypoint Activate help you leverage audience insights to execute data-driven marketing.

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