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The Latest Skypoint Products Give You a Holistic Data Toolkit

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Leveraging data throughout the entire customer lifecycle allows you to deliver a seamless experience that nurtures relationships and drives conversions. But meeting today’s consumer expectations while complying with stringent data privacy regulations is no easy task.

That’s why Skypoint is rapidly growing our suite of products to facilitate secure data collection, processing, storage, consent management, automation, and more.

We help brands leverage customer data to improve business outcomes without the cost of building and managing an in-house team. Our AI-driven privacy-first customer data platform enables organizations to deliver personalized experiences and nurture deeper relationships with their customers without compromising data security.

We’re rolling out a series of new products to help brands navigate the increasingly complex consumer data landscape. They connect the many moving parts in your data strategy, so you can focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Skypoint Lakehouse

Skypoint Lakehouse, our new data management architecture, uses Delta Lake technology to combine the benefits of a data lake and data warehouse to help you simplify and scale your enterprise data strategy while supporting BI and advanced data science use cases.

You can automate workflows to improve cost-efficiency while maintaining privacy compliance, ensuring data governance, and responding to new data-sharing requirements.

Lakehouse ingests data from disparate sources and eliminates performance issues and storage costs associated with data gluts with its zero-copy data technology. Seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Logic Apps helps maximize the power of data in your daily workflows.

Skypoint Dataflow

Skypoint Dataflow is built on Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) and integrated with Skypoint Lakehouse. Dataflow consolidates data from multiple sources and standardizes data definitions. You draw unified insights from the information to gain a holistic view of your customers and support accurate decision-making.

The standardized datasets are primed for predictive analytics, AI-driven applications, and data science. Dataflow enables teams to execute business intelligence and engagement activities cost-effectively.

Bonus: Our seamless integration with 200+ popular solutions allows you to make all of your most valuable data available and sharable through your teams’ preferred tools.

Skypoint Activate

Skypoint Activate integrates with Skypoint Resolve, which defragments newly imported data to create 360-degree customer profiles.

Activate connects information to build audience segments, surfacing relevant insights to help you cater to customer preferences and meet their expectations. You deliver hyper-targeted messages to the right people at the right time to drive meaningful engagement and conversions…without compromising privacy and compliance.

Activate helps you unify and analyze customer data from multiple sources to generate granular insights and actionable recommendations. It also integrates with Skypoint Empower to support consent management and privacy compliance so you continually build trust and nurture long-term relationships with your customers.

Skypoint Automate

Your team will love Skypoint Automate.

You get to connect Automate with the marketing tools you’re already using (i.e. Klaviyo, Shopify) via our robust API integrations.
Analysts are able to work directly with the data using the tools they like and in their preferred formats—without a web app. Moreover, any business user can make queries, build apps, and visualize information without straining already taxed IT resources.

Citizen developers integrate unified customer profiles with customized apps through a low-code platform to create a responsive and comprehensive customer experience. You can also automate workflows to trigger specific events when data changes to deliver the most relevant responses and communications.

Skypoint Empower

Skypoint Empower simplifies consent management and privacy compliance by making preferences accessible, centralized, and actionable for your customers via a branded privacy center.

The all-in-one automated solution integrates consent and preference management with data residency and privacy protection to ensure compliance with ever-changing privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Our real-time data maps help you manage, categorize, and segment sensitive information to stay compliant as you activate data to inform customer interactions. Automated data subject requests (DSRs) feature takes care of queries in minutes to keep customers updated on their status so you save time, eliminate errors, and adhere to the latest regulations.

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Skypoint Lakehouse, Dataflow, Activate, Automate, and Empower work seamlessly together. They create an ecosystem of open technologies on the Skypoint platform to help brands like yours leverage data to improve business outcomes.

With this holistic toolkit, you build trust and gain customer insights without worrying about fast-changing data privacy laws.

Our comprehensive solution takes care of your data workflows every step of the way—from ingestion and storage to activation and automation—to help you maximize the value of your customer data without reinventing the wheel.

Want to see how the Skypoint platform helps your organization use data as a competitive advantage while maintaining compliance? Our team is ready to give you a walkthrough…just schedule a demo.

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