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Skypoint Lakehouse

Skypoint’s Data Lakehouse builds a solid foundation for your organization’s generative AI, analytics and automation endeavors.

The Best of Everything: Data Lake Meets Data Warehouse

Our Data Lakehouse brings together the benefits of a data lake and data warehouse to create a new open data management architecture based on Delta Lake. You can simplify and scale your enterprise AI and data strategy while supporting analytics and automation in one place.

Combined with our Common Data Model (CDM) based metadata management, Skypoint’s Data Lakehouse allows you to automate data workflows with Power Platform to get the most value from your data. It’s also easier to maintain compliance, ensure governance, share standardized data across the business, and respond to new data-sharing requirements.

Streamline Generative AI, Analytics, and Automation

Make actionable insights more accessible by improving the integrity of your data.

Higher Performance

Achieve higher performance and modernization since Skypoint is built on infinitely scalable cloud technology (Azure, Delta Lake and Databricks).

Power Platform Integration

Connect seamlessly to Microsoft Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Logic Apps to maximize the power of data.

Flexible Data Ingestion

Import and connect data from all disparate sources—whether it’s an API, direct data feed, legacy data sharing methods, or even CSV files.

Zero-Copy Data

Eliminate multiple data copies and a data glut that can slow down your processes and increase storage costs.

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Skypoint Lakehouse helps you build for the future by providing a foundation to improve cost-efficiency and boost the ROI of your data and AI strategy.

We’re ready to give you a complete walkthrough of our Industry AI Platform, so you see how Skypoint helps you leverage data science and business intelligence to inform accurate data-driven decisions.

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