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Skypoint Master Data Management

Get a single, accurate and transparent golden record with Skypoint’s Master Data Management.

Skypoint Identity Resolution - Resolve

Unify Data Across Your Ecosystem to Create Golden Records at Scale

Skypoint Cloud’s Master Data Management (MDM) is the answer for organizations looking to unlock the fullest potential of their data. Our platform and tools enable users to integrate, cleanse, unify and enrich their data; create & enforce governance policies – all without having to invest in building and maintaining infrastructure.

Plus, it helps guarantee accuracy and consistency across systems/applications while setting the stage to leverage advanced AI and business intelligence tools for informed decision-making. 

How it works:

Skypoint Cloud’s winning combo of MDM and managed BI & Analytics enables organizations to integrate, cleanse, unify and enrich their data across various sources while providing data governance best practices.

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1. Import

Import data from disparate data sources into the Skypoint Lakehouse using Dataflow, Skypoint’s built-in ELT tool. 

2. Map

Map the attributes of imported data with their semantic labels to get the data into the Lakehouse SQL and prepare it for the match and merge process.

3. Match

Identity resolution then matches identifiers across disparate datasets to a single profile, creating a cohesive, timeline view.

4. Merge

Data is then unified by removing unneeded attributes, consolidating duplicates, and  creating unique profiles. 

5. Enrich

Configure master data (profiles, enrichment, timelines) to gain more insights around your various entities.

Skypoint MDM Technical Capabilities:

Access through APIs which allows integrating with other systems and customization.

Perform data auditing and compliance reporting.

Skypoint MDM provides a data catalog for the master data to allow users to search, discover and understand the data.

Map and integrate data from different sources and formats, and support data integration with other systems, virtualize and perform advanced analytics on master data.

  1. Archive and retain historical data, set retention policies for master data, track and log data changes, perform data auditing and compliance reporting.
  2. Access a central workbench for data governance activities such as data profiling, data lineage, data quality, and policies.

Automatically capture the lineage of data and track changes across different systems.

Cleanse, profile, validate and standardize the master data to ensure data quality and consistency.

Generate reports and perform analytics on the master data, and support data-driven decision making.

Manage and maintain master data for different domains such as customers, products, suppliers, locations, etc.

Allow business users to access, update, and manage the master data, without requiring IT involvement.

MDM Use Cases by Industry:

Senior Living Resident & Staff Data Integration for Optimal Experiences

Skypoint Cloud is optimizing the experiences of senior living residents (and staff) by offering a Master Data Management platform that streamlines both resident and staff data into a single, centralized location. From Rapid Identification Resolution and Data Governance, to Process Controls such as Change Workflows and Resident 360 viewpoints – operators can ensure complete accuracy in their records with fewer errors while also adhering to HIPAA regulations for maximum security. 

Skypoint Cloud’s MDM for Senior Living Operators provides:

  • Integration with existing systems: Seamlessly integrate with resident management systems, billing systems, and accounting systems, to ensure data consistency across the organization.

  • Data governance: Robust data governance capabilities, such as data stewardship, data quality management, and data lineage, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data.

  • Data security: Strong data security measures, such as encryption, anonymization, and access control, to protect sensitive resident data.

  • Master data repository: A central repository for storing and maintaining master data, such as resident, staff, and facility information.

  • Data integration and reconciliation: Reconcile and integrate data from different sources, such as admission and discharge records, to ensure that the master data is up-to-date and consistent.

  • Resident tracking: Track residents across different facilities and to manage resident health information, personal information, and financial information.

  • Staff management: Manage staff information like schedules, job descriptions, and certifications, to ensure that the organization has the right staff in the right place at the right time.

  • Financial management: Financial management tools such as billing and invoicing to ensure that the organization can accurately track financial information for residents and staff.

  • Reporting and analytics: Robust reporting and analytics capabilities, such as real-time dashboards and automated census reporting, enables operators to make data-informed decisions.

Master Data Management - Healthcare
Patient Data Unification to Deliver Optimal Clinical Outcomes

Skypoint Cloud is propelling healthcare into the future with an industry-specific Master Data Management platform. This innovative solution centralizes and streamlines patient data to offer one easily accessible location for records, ensuring accuracy through Rapid Identification Resolution, Change Workflows, Data Governance and Patient 360 viewpoints. Skypoint’s cutting-edge MDM solution help keep organizations compliant with HIPAA regulations while also reducing errors in medical information – improving overall efficiency within health care facilities across the globe to ensure optimal clinical outcomes.

Skypoint Cloud’s MDM for Value-based care provides:

  • Patient data management: Consolidate, maintain, and manage patient demographic information, medical history, and other relevant patient data.

  • Provider data management: Manage and maintain accurate information about healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, and hospitals.

  • Clinical data management: including diagnostic codes, lab results, imaging data, and other relevant clinical information.

  • Data governance: Enforce data governance policies and procedures, including data quality and data security, to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

  • Data lineage and auditing: Track and trace data lineage to keep an auditable record of changes to data over time.

  • Data integration: Integrate data from disparate systems and sources, such as electronic medical records, billing systems, and lab systems.

  • Data security: Protect sensitive data, such as patient information, and to ensure that only authorized users have access to this information.

  • Analytics and reporting: Generate reports and analytics based on the master data, and to support data-driven decision making.

  • Interoperability: Exchange data with other healthcare systems and organizations, in compliance with relevant standards such as FHIR and HL7.

With MDM, hospitals achieve a higher standard of patient care and data security while also enhancing overall efficiency. This is all possible by improved accuracy and completeness in their patient records – leading to fewer errors and top-tier compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Unify Customer Data to Predict Needs, & Personalize at Scale

Skypoint Cloud is perfecting the balance of privacy and personalization within the retail and hospitality industries by equipping organizations with a Master Data Management platform that enhances customer or guest insights and bolsters their security posture. Our advanced features enable rapid identity resolution plus sophisticated governance protocols including change workflows & Customer 360 viewpoints – all designed to streamline records maintenance to provide that optimal balance of security and personalization at scale.

Skypoint Cloud’s MDM for Retail & Hospitality provides:

  • Customer/Guest Data Management: Consolidate customer and guest data from multiple sources and maintain a single version of the truth for customer information, including demographics, purchase/stay history, and customer preferences.

  • Product Data Management: Manage and maintain accurate product information, including product descriptions, images, prices, and inventory levels.

  • Supplier Data Management: Manage and maintain accurate information about suppliers, including contact information, product offerings, and supplier performance metrics.

  • Location Data Management: Manage and maintain accurate information about retail locations, including store addresses, hours of operation, and local inventory levels.

  • Data Quality and Governance: Enforce data quality rules, perform data matching and merging, and manage data stewardship and governance processes.

  • Data Integration: Integrate with existing systems, such as point of sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

  • Data Security and Privacy: Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer and business data.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Generate reports and insights that provide valuable information to support decision-making, such as customer behavior trends, product performance, and inventory levels.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Access and manage master data in Skypoint Studio, a user-friendly interface, with intuitive search and navigation functions.

  • Scalability: Scale to meet the growing data needs of the organization, as well as the ability to support the integration of new data sources over time.

Skypoint MDM Thought Leadership:

Why Skypoint MDM:

Industry Specific

Skypoint’s MDM provides 12+ different profiles to consolidate data to fit the needs of your industry. Whether it’s Healthcare, Senior Living, Retail or Hospitality, the system can handle your MDM needs right out of the box.

A Fully Managed Ecosystem

All the components of an MDM solution— ingestion, modeling, governance, lineage,  tracking and visualization – work seamlessly together to support the ongoing success of your organization.

Enable Advanced AI and Intelligence

Skypoint’s MDM and Golden Records unlock powerful AI and business intelligence possibilities, enabling your organization to rapidly visualize and make proactive business decisions based on carefully curated data points.

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Become a More Efficient Data-Driven Organization

Ready to get the most value from your data? Skypoint Cloud connects unified data so you can “chat with your data”, automate critical tasks, and accelerate innovation.