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Financial Services

Skypoint’s AI platform helps financial services organizations better serve clients and improve their bottom line by unifying data sources so you can “chat with your data”

Who We Work With:

Chat with Your Data

Skypoint securely unifies the data you already have, to drive client experiences in more meaningful ways and advance your internal data maturity.

Skypoint helps you connect and unify data, automate workflows, and consolidate market data intelligence so you can compete with confidence.

Data Sources We Bring Together for AI Use:

We consolidate all your data sources, from leading financial services applications, along with your internal docs, video, audio files and more

Financial Services Data Sources

CRM, ERP, HRIS & more.

EHR & Other "Structured" Data Sources

We bring data sources like EHR, Finance, CRM, and other system data you use regularly. We call this structured data

Policies & Procedures

Internal policies, procedures, and other documentation.

Policies, Procedures & Other Documents

We bring your PDFs and other Word docs that include policies, procedures, and any other internal documentation. We call this structured data.

Audio, Video & Photos

Videos, voice notes, photos and more.

Video, Audio, & Other "Unstructured" Data

We bring in your video, audio, voice notes and other files into a data lakehouse for AI use.We call this unstructured data.

Use Cases for Financial Services:

Once your data is consolidated and formatted (AI-ready), you can “chat with your data” using plain language to unlock a variety of use cases.

HR Knowledge Management

  • What are our insurance benefits?
  • What is our Paid Time Off policy?
  • How much PTO do I have left this month?

Sales & Marketing

  • Avg % of closed sales for a facility
  • What are my top 5 facilities with the highest visitor-to-visitor conversion rate?
  • Avg. initial tour count per prospect for each facility

Cost Reduction Strategies

“Analyze our financial reports and customer care logs to identify high-cost areas and propose strategies to reduce expenses while maintaining or improving customer quality.”

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • List OT hours by job role
  • What’s the Avg. time spent in minutes with prospects at each community?
  • Which community had the highest admission in 2022?

Compliance and Risk Management

“Explain how our facility ensures compliance with state regulations for skilled nursing or assisted living. Include details on licensing, inspections, and corrective actions.”

How it works:

The Skypoint AI platform consolidates fragmented data enabling you to chat with your data sources, grounded in context.

1. Consolidate Your Data

Extract and unify structured and unstructured data from leading solution sources like Salesforce, Netsuite, ADP, and more.

2. Chat with Your Data

By combining your enterprise knowledge graph, and an AI model, users can quickly engage with all these data sources, grounded in context, using our Private Copilot.

3. 10X Productivity

Engage personal AI copilots to streamline key business elements: Customer 360, employee knowledge management, market intelligence, benchmarking, custom reporting, and advanced analytics.

How Skypoint Turns Financial Data Into an Advantage​

Secure sensitive customer data, then use it with confidence.

Know Your Customer

Market the right services to the right people by accessing comprehensive customer profiles and real-time data so you can personalize and convert.

Shorten Time to Market​

Accelerate product development through powerful integrations with a comprehensive suite of products, including Microsoft Power Platform.

Increase Customer Value​

Use predictive analytics and segmentation to drive product usage and adoption, send personalized communications, and uncover upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Manage Risk​

Gain a holistic view of a customer’s individual, household, and business financial status to understand risk exposure and make informed decisions.

AI Built for Financial Services Institutions of the Future​

From insurance agencies and brokerages to credit unions, we provide an entire data and AI infrastructure so you can focus your resources on building innovative products and services to deliver trusted customer experiences.