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Private AI Copilots

Empower your organization to harness the full potential of AI in an intuitive and actionable manner, using your data in a private, controlled environment.

Your Role, Your Private AI Copilot

Let us craft your very own AI Copilot tailored to your industry’s lexicon and challenges, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

Our custom Copilots are designed to cater to a wide range of roles, industries, and specific products you use. With the flexibility to build Copilots tailored to your unique requirements, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, retail, or government, Skypoint’s expertise in generative AI unveils a world of possibilities. Our custom-built AI Copilot dives deep into your industry’s nuances, offering instant insights and solutions from your unique data sets.

What is an AI Copilot?

An AI Copilot is like a virtual assistant that interacts with you using natural language. It’s essentially a chat bot custom-designed for your brand, and tailored to your organization’s specific needs and terminology. Unlike generic chat bots like Bard or ChatGPT, a custom AI Copilot is engineered to understand and work with your unique data sets. It sits atop these data sets, ready to fetch, analyze, and provide insights on demand.

When you have a query or need insights from your data, you can simply ask the Copilot, and it responds in a conversational manner, making data interaction intuitive and user-friendly. This custom-designed chat bot not only answers queries but can also provide recommendations, automate tasks, and help in decision-making by leveraging the wealth of information contained in your data.

We can build a custom AI Copilot to chat with your data.

Tap Into Productivity with Scenario-Specific AI Copilots:

Skypoint is not just about delivering an AI Copilot; it’s about forging a partnership that propels your business into a future filled with endless possibilities. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to your very own AI Copilot, designed to navigate the complexities of your industry and help you soar to new heights.

Elevate Your Industry

  • Healthcare / Senior Living: Optimize patient care, medical research, and compliance with Copilots designed for healthcare professionals.
  • Government: Foster transparency, accessibility, and sustainable innovation in public service delivery.
  • Finance: Navigate complex financial data effortlessly, stay compliant, and make informed investment decisions.
  • Retail: Maximize sales, inventory management, and customer insights for your retail business.
  • Manufacturing: Improve operational efficiency, quality control, and supply chain management.
  • Marketing: Boost campaign performance, analyze customer behavior, and refine your marketing strategies.

Infuse AI into Your Existing Tech Stack to Amplify Your Abilities

Skypoint’s AI Copilot is not just a tool; it’s an extension of you and your team.

  • Executives: Stay informed with high-level insights into your organization’s performance.
  • Data Analysts: Streamline data analysis, visualization, and reporting tasks.
  • Customer Support: Enhance customer interactions by providing instant access to relevant data.
  • Sales Teams: Get real-time sales performance data and market insights.
  • Researchers: Accelerate research with access to comprehensive datasets.
  • Marketing Professionals: Unveil the impact of your campaigns in real-time, identify market trends, and optimize strategies with data-driven insights.
  • HR Managers: Automate the screening process, manage candidate communications, and streamline recruitment processes effortlessly.
  • Project Managers: Keep your projects on track with real-time progress monitoring and intelligent resource allocation.

How We Craft Your Custom (Private) Copilot:

From conceptualization to deployment, we utilize a transparent process ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way. Skypoint follows an Agile development methodology providing full insights into our process as we build solutions:

Consultation: We kickstart the journey with a thorough consultation to understand your unique business challenges, industry lingo, and the goals you aim to achieve with your AI Copilot.

Requirement Gathering: Collecting detailed requirements to ensure the AI Copilot is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Customization: Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we customize the AI Copilot to resonate with your industry’s nuances and your business’s unique challenges.

Integration: Our experts work tirelessly to ensure seamless integration of the AI Copilot with your existing tech stack including data visualization tools like Power BI.

Data Preparation: Preparing and organizing your data to train the AI Copilot, ensuring it understands your business and industry context.

Iterative Testing: Through a series of testing phases, we fine-tune the AI Copilot to ensure accuracy and efficiency in handling real-world tasks.

Deployment: Rolling out your AI Copilot into your live environment, ready to assist and add value to your operations.

Continuous Improvement: Post-deployment, we gather feedback for continuous improvement and ensure the AI Copilot evolves with your changing business needs.

Onboarding: Providing comprehensive onboarding to ensure your team is well-equipped to leverage the AI Copilot to its full potential.

Ongoing Support: Our dedicated support team is always at hand to provide assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful AI Copilot experience.

Performance Monitoring: Regularly evaluating the AI Copilot’s performance to ensure it continually meets and exceeds your expectations.

Adaptive Learning: The AI Copilot learns and adapts to the evolving challenges and opportunities, staying relevant to your industry and organizational goals.

Private Copilots vs. Generic Chat bots:

Skypoint’s Custom AI Copilots serve different purposes and operate on different premises than generic chat agents. Here are the primary differences and how Skypoint’s custom AI Copilots interacts with your data:

  Microsoft Copilot & Others (ChatGPT, Google Bard)
Skypoint AI
Focus Broad, general-purpose features. Industry-specific features tailored to the senior care industry.
LLM Training General Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs trained on industry-specific data, with fine-tuning for senior care.
Context & Feedback General-purpose context and feedback. Industry and use case-specific context with RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) tailored to senior care.
Deployment Typically as a public Copilot service. Works within Microsoft Copilot and other Copilots, or as a Private Copilot.
Costs Per user fees. No per user fees when deployed as a Private Copilot.
Value Proposition Standard performance and accuracy. Lower costs with better accuracy, performance, and faster time to value.
Privacy/Security Generic security measures. Compliant with HITRUST and HIPAA standards for enhanced privacy and security in senior care.
Model Orchestration Closed, single LLM approach. Multi LLM orchestration, closed and open-source based on task requirements.
Model Evaluation Do-it-yourself (DIY) model evaluation. Automated model evaluation with RLHF feedback by Skypoint.

Private AI Copilot FAQs:

Ready to explore the world of custom AI Copilots? Let’s start a conversation and discover how Skypoint can transform the way you interact with your data, making it an invaluable asset to your organization.

Skypoint’s Custom AI Copilot is tailored to understand and address the unique challenges and terminology of your industry. Unlike generic AI solutions, it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes, ensuring a smooth transition towards AI-driven operations.

Our dedicated team will provide comprehensive onboarding, training, and ongoing support to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of the Custom AI Copilot. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Data security is paramount at Skypoint. The AI Copilot is built with robust security protocols to ensure your data remains protected. Moreover, our Enterprise Knowledge Graph implements stringent access controls to prevent unauthorized access.

Absolutely! The AI Copilot is designed for seamless integration with your current tech stack including data visualization tools like Power BI. It’s about enhancing, not replacing your existing systems.

The AI Copilot is geared to provide immediate insights and streamline operations from the get-go. However, the full spectrum of benefits will be realized as it continues to learn and adapt to your organization’s unique needs over time.

Continuous learning and adaptation are core to the AI Copilot’s design. Moreover, our team stays on top of industry trends and advancements, ensuring the AI Copilot evolves to meet your changing needs.

Skypoint’s Custom AI Copilot delves into your data to extract actionable insights, identifying trends, anomalies, and patterns that empower data-driven decision-making. The AI Copilot integrates seamlessly with visualization tools like Power BI, transforming raw data into visually intuitive representations for easier analysis. Its conversational interface allows for natural, user-friendly interactions with your data, while its continuous learning mechanism ensures it evolves with your changing business needs. Moreover, the customizable interactions ensure the AI Copilot aligns with your organization’s processes and preferences, making data interaction a tailored, insightful, and secure experience, propelling your organization towards data-driven operational excellence.