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Skypoint provides an industry AI Platform to “Chat with Your Data.”

We’re focused on regulated industries, particularly the senior care sub industries of the Healthcare sector, serving each with its own unique AI stack:

Value-Based Care

Long-term Care

Home Health

Senior Living

Other Industries We Serve:

Learn how a regional government agency established a strong but agile data governance strategy to boost data accessibility without sacrificing data security.

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Skypoint helps you accelerate product development and deliver an outstanding customer experience while ensuring data privacy, security, and compliance.


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Skypoint helps you stand out through exceptional service and unique guest experiences that are powered by unified data, actionable insights, and data protection.

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Skypoint helps you achieve personalization and increase loyalty by unlocking actionable insights that bring seamless shopping experiences across the customer lifecycle.

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Skypoint unifies diverse data sources, enabling you to seamlessly chat with your team’s data sources.


No More Silos, No More IT Strain

Our AI Platform delivers a seamless way to chat with your data from multiple sources and gain meaningful insights.