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AI for the Public Sector

Skypoint’s AI platform and Copilot helps public sector organizations 10X productivity of their employees by unifying data sources, enabling easy access to data and services for citizens.

Public Organizations We Work With:

Chat with Your Data

The first unified platform and private AI Copilots to bring the power of AI to your data and people, so you can deliver AI’s potential to every constituent.

Take a data-centric approach to implementing AI solutions, without compromise on the AI Platform for the public sector.

Data Sources We Bring Together for AI Use:

We consolidate all your data sources, from leading solutions, along with your internal docs, video, audio files and more

Public Sector Data Sources

CRM, ERP, HRIS & more.

EHR & Other "Structured" Data Sources

We bring data sources like ERP, Finance, CRM, and other system data you use regularly. We call this structured Data.

Policies & Procedures

Internal policies, procedures, and other documentation.

Policies, Procedures & Other Documents

We bring your PDFs and other Word docs that include policies, procedures, and any other internal documentation.

Audio, Video & Photos

Videos, voice notes, photos and more.

Video, Audio, & Other "Unstructured" Data

We bring in your video, audio, voice notes and other files into a data lakehouse for AI use. We call this unstructured data.

Use Cases for Public Sector:

Once your data is consolidated and formatted (AI-ready), you can “chat with your data” using plain language to unlock a variety of use cases.

External Knowledge Management

“What permits do I need for a 900 sq. ft. ADU in Washington county?”

Internal Knowledge Management

“What is our Paid Time Off policy? How much PTO do I have left?”

Workflow Automation

“Help me identify high-cost areas and propose strategies to reduce expenses while maintaining customer quality.”

Financial Planning & Analysis

“What are my top OT hours by job role last quarter?”

How it works:

The Skypoint AI platform consolidates fragmented data enabling you to chat with your data sources, grounded in context.

1. Consolidate Your Data

Extract and unify structured and unstructured data from leading solution sources like Salesforce, Netsuite, ADP, and more.

2. Chat with Your Data

By combining your enterprise knowledge graph, and an AI model, users can quickly engage with all these data sources, grounded in context, using our Private Copilot.

3. 10X Productivity

Engage personal AI copilots to streamline key business elements: 360 views, employee knowledge management, market intelligence, benchmarking, custom reporting, and advanced analytics.

Data & AI Success Stories

How Skypoint enables the public sector to securely leverage the data you already have to fully embrace AI in more meaningful ways.

Skypoint brings AI to your data to help you bring AI to your citizens.

The secure and governed foundation for Gen AI readiness across your entire organization

Build constituent trust

Boost integrity of services with real-time ability to audit organizational data and prioritize mission outcomes that benefit citizens.

Increase operational efficiency

By using a lakehouse architecture to centralize your data, you can make more efficient and intelligent decisions for your organization, reducing time to outcomes and resulting in a more productive workforce.

Reduce risk and improve citizen service

Increase risk awareness to improve public safety by using geospatial insight to identify patterns of concern, allowing you to administer corrective action before citizens are impacted.

Enhance service delivery

Modernize legacy architecture and automate processes at scale with the cloud. Adopting the lakehouse enables predictive analytics and Gen AI capabilities that improve and accelerate constituent service.

Your data. Your AI. Your mission.

From government agencies to social services, we provide an entire data and AI infrastructure, and industry specific Copilot and Agents so you can focus your resources on building innovative products and services to deliver trusted customer experiences.