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Skypoint AI Bootcamp

Skypoint’s On-Site Workshops Will Help Build Your AI Use Case for Your Organization.

Bring Your AI Use Case to Life

Skypoint’s AI Bootcamp will drive business value from your data using AI with a strategic roadmap to modernize your AI capabilities. Utilizing comprehensive analysis and collaborative, hands-on solution development, Skypoint will craft a modernized data and AI framework that optimizes your existing data assets. Skypoint will collaborate with your team via two all-day in-person workshops and design sessions delivered on-site or at Skypoint’s LifeTime Work offices in Beaverton, Oregon.

These work sessions are designed to methodically review and address existing technical pain points, leading to the development of a strategic roadmap to embrace best-in-class unified data (structured & unstructured) and generative AI solutions, while establishing a comprehensive AI use case and adoption strategy.

Skypoint will deliver high-level documentation, and a working AI copilot leveraging your data, and offer expert technical guidance to inform architecture choices to maximize time to value without compromising security or compliance. The culmination of these collaborative work sessions will feature an AI blueprint and advanced presentation materials to be delivered to your leadership team

Skypoint AI Bootcamp Illustration

Bootcamp Pricing

$ 29,995 one time includes:
  • 2 full days of In-person workshop time
  • Onsite Training for up to 10 employees
  • 2 Skypoint Forward Deployed Engineers
  • 1 Month Skypoint AI Platform ($5k value)
  • 1 AI Use Case Leveraging Your Data

AI Bootcamp Deliverables:

AI Architecture Blueprint

One AI Copilot Use Case

Executive Presentation Materials

Priorities & Agenda:


  • You will include relevant personnel via in-persons sessions at Skypoint’s LifeTime Work offices, or via Microsoft Teams
  • Skypoint will make several forward deployed engineers available to assist in solution sessions
  • Skypoint will provide food and beverage options for up to 10 attendees (if onsite)
  • Presentation material to be delivered to your leadership in collaboration with the Skypoint team