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Data & AI Services

Drive transformation by tapping into an unbeatable combo—an Industry AI Platform, and custom-built AI Copilots, with our in-house Forward Deployed Engineers.

Forward Deployed Engineers

At Skypoint, we’ve transitioned from a professional services model, where we offered episodic, project-based assistance, to a forward deployed engineering approach, embedding our specialists directly within client teams for ongoing collaboration. This strategic shift enables us to deliver real-time, customized solutions that drive efficiency and innovation directly where our clients operate.

Our forward deployed engineers not only respond to immediate challenges but also continuously innovate, adapt, and build strong, trusting relationships, ensuring that our clients don’t just keep pace but lead in a digital-first world.

Embracing Forward Deployed Engineering

Forward deployed engineering marks a significant shift in how we engage with our clients. Instead of project-based interventions, our engineers and tech specialists are integrated within client teams on an ongoing basis. This immersive approach allows us to:

  • Identify and Solve Real-Time Challenges: Being on the ground and part of the daily operations, our engineers detect and address challenges as they arise, often before they become evident.
  • Drive Continuous Innovation: Continuous collaboration fosters an environment of ongoing innovation. Our team works side-by-side with clients to develop new features, optimize existing systems, and implement advanced technologies seamlessly into business processes.
  • Enhance Adaptability: Our forward deployed teams help clients stay agile, adapting solutions in real-time to meet market changes and emerging opportunities.
  • Build Stronger Relationships: Working closely within client ecosystems, we forge deeper relationships, understanding their business and culture at a granular level, which enhances trust and communication.


 Traditional ConsultantForward Deployed Engineer
Engagement DurationShort-term, project-basedLong-term, continuous
Scope of WorkDefined projects with specific deliverablesFlexible, evolving projects with adaptable deliverables
Integration with ClientExternal, limited interaction with client teamsDeep integration, works as part of client teams
FocusSolving predefined problems; implementation of solutionsContinuous improvement; proactive problem-solving and innovation
AdaptabilitySolutions are based on initial assessments; less adaptable to changing conditionsHigh adaptability; solutions evolve in real-time with business needs
RelationshipProfessional and transactionalCollaborative and relational; builds deep understanding of client culture and operations
InnovationDriven by consultant’s external perspective and expertiseDriven by ongoing interaction and immersion in client’s environment
OutcomeDeliverables are often concluded at the end of the engagementOngoing contributions to client success, often leading to transformative changes in operations
Skypoint AI Copilot
We can build a custom AI Copilot to chat with your data.

Private AI Copilots

An AI Copilot is like a virtual assistant that interacts with you using natural language. We build custom private Copilots tailored to your organization’s specific needs, branding, and terminology. Unlike generic chat bots, like Bard or ChatGPT, a Custom AI Copilot is engineered to understand and work with your unique data sets. It sits atop these data sets, ready to fetch, analyze, and provide insights on demand.

With a focus on understanding your unique industry and challenges, our custom-built Copilots seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, offering data-driven insights, automation, and industry-specific expertise.

From healthcare to finance, government to retail, our AI Copilots unlock endless possibilities for your business.

Data & AI Strategies

Platforms are a necessary solution, but they are not the whole solution. Our end-to-end AI platform and data solutions mean that you gain a true partnership by having our professional services team by your side, helping you build a stronger data culture with the strongest technology.

We help you craft a comprehensive data strategy to identify opportunities and implement self-service capabilities to support timely, accurate business decisions. From report building to enterprise-scale deployment, we’ve got you covered.

We can collaborate with your team to optimize data integration processes and fine-tune reporting capabilities. Our professional services meet you where you are to get the most value from our industry AI Platform and deliver on your unique requirements.

Explore Data & AI Strategies

Let us help wIth your data & AI strategy.
We build custom low-code applications.

Custom Low-Code Applications

We have decades of experience building every type of solution for numerous tricky situations to support cohesive and efficient business operations. From integrating disjointed legacy systems to overcoming blind spots in modern solutions—there’s an app for that.

Eyeing the low-code bandwagon? Our Microsoft Power Platform experts can help you build easy-to-use business apps and automation to achieve the speed and scale you need for business growth. Your team can spend less effort managing technology and more time leveraging its value.

Explore Low-Code Solutions

Technology Expertise

Leading-edge solutions customized to solve your biggest business and data challenges.


Sidestep the headaches that come with traditional development and deployment. Make your data accessible and scalable by building your data warehouse and ETL code in the cloud.

Fabric is your go-to platform for all your business intelligence, machine learning, and AI needs, no matter the size. With an open and governed data lakehouse foundation, it’s cost-effective and designed for optimal performance.

Power BI

Connect disparate data sources, build data models for meaningful insights, and leverage artificial intelligence and security features to meet your self-service analytics needs.

Power Platfom

Empower your analysts and business users to develop transactional, automated, and analytical solutions—without the time and effort of writing code.

Unify the best of data warehouses and data lakes in one simple platform to handle all your data, analytics, machine learning and AI use cases.

There are different Copilots for different applications and use cases. We can help you determine the best options and successfully your deploy own internal Copilot. Contact us for details.

Simplify data processes with an integrated cloud data platform that covers workloads for custom software, data analytics, data engineering, data science, and data sharing.

WhereScape data warehousing automation software speeds up data infrastructure time to value to give business leaders the data they need.

Industry Expertise

After spending decades in BI and data analytics, we have seen it all. You can count on our expertise to design creative data and AI solutions and deliver high-quality outcomes across multiple industries.

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Senior Living

Skypoint’s AI platform unifies common senior living data sources so you can safely and securely “chat with your data” for instant answers.

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Skypoint’s secure FHIR-enabled healthcare generative AI platform unifies data into a longitudinal patient record, empowering providers to leverage conversational AI for better clinical outcomes.

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