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AI Platform for Senior Living

Skypoint’s AI platform helps senior living operators better serve residents while improving their bottom line by unifying data sources so you can “chat with your data”

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Chat with Your Senior Living Data

Skypoint securely unifies the data you already have, to drive senior living experiences in more meaningful ways and advance your internal data maturity.

Skypoint helps you connect and unify data, leverage AI to predict outcomes, automate privacy compliance, and consolidate market data intelligence so you can compete with confidence.

How it works:

The Skypoint AI platform consolidates fragmented data enabling you to chat with your data sources, grounded in context.

1. Unify Data Sources

Extract and unify structured and unstructured data from leading senior living solution sources like Sage Intacct, Enquire, Eldermark, OnShift, Net Health, Paylocity, UKG and more.

2. Chat with Your Data

By combining your enterprise knowledge graph, and an AI model trained on the senior living industry, users can quickly engage with all these data sources, grounded in context, using our ChatGPT plugin.

3. Unlock Productivity

Engage personal AI copilots to streamline key business elements: Resident 360, staff knowledge management, market intelligence, benchmarking, custom reporting, and advanced analytics.

Conversational AI - Grounded in Context
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Self-Service Analytics:

Visualize your data with common out-of-the box reports built specifically for senior living operators and REITs:

Advanced Use Cases for Senior Living:

Consolidate review data from leading sources to proactively engage your communities and compete with confidence. 

Automate compliance activities while safeguarding PII with built-in Privacy Centers, DSR automation, and reporting.

Skypoint’s ChatGPT plug-in enables users to “chat with your data” in natural language conversations to gain instant insights. 

Enable employees with answers at their fingertips – internal policies, resident information, best practices, and other information related to your organization. 

Become a Data-Driven Organization with Skypoint:

The tools you need to streamline operations and provide better care for residents and patients.

Increase Occupancy

Use a resident 360 integration with engagement tools and marketing automation to improve resident and family communication and increase resident retention.

Automate Compliance

Spend more time providing quality care by automating tasks, then increase CLV with personalized privacy and consent-based recommendations.

Reduce Staff Churn

By making accurate information quickly accessible, you’ll reduce the burden on your staff so they can focus on what matters most…your residents.

Accurate Billing

Never miss another reimbursement opportunity by ensuring billing accuracy with the most up-to-date information within reach.

Leverage AI

Unified data is prerequisite to effective leverage the full potential of AI: automate mundane tasks, anticipate risks and engage in natural language conversations (generative AI) for instant insights into your own data. 

Accessible Analytics

With high-quality data models accessible to your team, everyone can easily create more robust investor reports, KPI dashboards, and budgets. They can even use Excel!

Optimize Applications

Partner with Skypoint to customize tech capabilities through low-code application development to efficiently run your communities.

Ad Campaign ROI

Make your ad spend more effective by using built-in marketing capabilities, like audience segmentation, to run personalized ads for your target audience.

Transform Senior Living with the Skypoint AI Platform

Be the innovation you wish to see in the senior living industry by using Skypoint to unify data from hundreds of sources so you gain a resident 360 view and build an integrated senior care journey.

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