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Snowflake Data Platform

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of a single-cloud data platform to reduce overhead and eliminate inefficiencies.

Simplify Processes with an Integrated Cloud Data Platform

Snowflake is the only data warehouse compatible with any cloud. It provides instant, secure, and governed access to your entire data network, plus a core architecture that enables many other types of data workloads, such as developing modern data applications.

Using the Snowflake data marketplace, you can access hundreds of free data sets and benchmarks to munge your data. Better yet, you can host your data on the marketplace for your customers.

Snowflake’s data cloud supports custom software and covers workloads for data analytics, data engineering, data science, and data sharing. It helps you achieve your multi-cloud vision with a cloud data platform that you can deploy on any major player (Microsoft, Google, and Amazon).

Our Snowflake Capabilities

Realize your cloud-first data vision with Snowflake software.

Cloud Platform Agnostic

We build your complete data infrastructure in Snowflake and Power BI on the cloud platform of your choice.

Cost Reduction

We lower your cloud consumption costs with robust data management tools.

Streamlined Administration

We set up a data lake, data warehouse, or database to simplify processes while reducing overhead and inefficiencies.

Hassle-Free Data Ops

We build elastic scaling, automated redundancy, and intuitive data accessibility to facilitate data processes.

Harness Automation

We couple Snowflake with data automation tools like WhereScape or Coalesce.

Salesforce Integration

We enable your team to import Salesforce data quickly and easily into Snowflake.

Secure Data Sharing

We build structured data hubs for sharing information both inside or outside your organization.

Migration Services

We are your in-house IT force multiplier to migrate from legacy data warehouse solutions to Snowflake.

Reduce Inefficiencies with One Data Platform To Rule Them All​

With Skypoint as your dedicated team of experts, you have the best support to build an integrated data platform and simplify your data and AI processes.