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AI for Sports Teams

Skypoint unifies diverse data sources, enabling you to seamlessly chat with your team’s data sources.

Turn Siloed Data Into Game-Changing AI Advantages

In sports, the power of data cannot be overstated. Yet the very partners trusted to empower teams often inadvertently create barriers. Traditional CRM, ticketing solutions, and other systems frequently create restrictive data silos, preventing sports teams and franchises from making the most out of their own data.

Skypoint is the unifying architect in this fragmented landscape, providing a seamless AI platform designed to consolidate these disparate sources.

By leveraging Skypoint’s capabilities alongside AI’s analytical prowess, teams can now harness their data at scale, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge through strategic insights and operational efficiency.

Skypoint’s AI platform is built for sports teams that want to leverage data and AI to compete on and off the field.

How it Works:

1. Unify Sports Data Sources

Unify your data sources (CRM, Financial, Ticketing, etc.) unstructured data (documents, video, and audio) and external data (reviews), centered by your enterprise knowledge graph to determine relationships.

2. Chat with Your Data

Using a private AI chat Agent, and a trained data set (industry LLM), users can quickly engage with your organization’s data set, in a private, secure environment, using conversational language.

3. Optimize Productivity

Engage personal AI copilots to make decisions around key business elements: Staff knowledge management, Roster management, Advanced Player Scouting, League Rules & Regulations, advanced analytics and more.

Robert Rice

Director of IT, Portland Timbers

Skypoint AI Use Cases for Sports Teams

Skypoint consolidates your data sources and systems to enable true generative AI use cases:

League Rules & Regulations Compliance Navigator

Equip your team with AI that keeps track of the latest league rules and policies, allowing your organization to ask questions and make informed decisions while ensuring compliance.

Advanced AI Player Scouting

Leverage diverse data inputs to deploy an AI-powered Scouting Copilot, which assembles detailed player reports and analyzes rating systems, enabling teams to quickly identify prospects that match their ideal player profile.

Optimal Roster Management

Skypoint utilizes AI to synthesize roster rules, wages, and policies, crafting an optimal team roster that aligns with strategic goals and budgetary constraints.

Scannable HR Policies & Procedures

Transform team administration by digitizing PDFs and HR documents into an intelligent chat agent, making policies and procedures easily accessible in real-time conversations.

Built for Sports Teams to Leverage Data to Compete On & Off the Field

Your fans love your team and it’s time to show how much you appreciate their loyalty. With Skypoint, you’re set up to deliver personalized and protected experiences they’ll never forget.