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Clarissa Cooper

Power BI DAX Fundamentals

Power BI DAX Fundamentals is a 1-day training course for new Power BI authors and SSAS developers who want to learn a foundational set of skills in the DAX querying language. This is an instructor-led class that is focused on learning core concepts of DAX and applying them in a hands-on fashion.

You will learn how to:

  • Define DAX and tie it into Power BI
  • Build and understand measures
  • Think of DAX filters properly as tables
  • Create override filters to construct complex measures

Power BI DAX Fundamentals Course Outline


  • Introduction to DAX and Dimensional Modeling
  • Understanding and Creating Simple Measures
  • Concepts and Basic Application of CALCULATE()
  • Concepts and Basic Application of Iterators


  • Intermediate Measures Combining CALCULATE() & Iterators
  • Skill Integration with Simplified Time Intelligence
  • Synthesis of Skills with Full-Time Intelligence


  • Beginner/intermediate experience with Power BI or SSAS

AND any one of the following:

  • Experience working with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Experience working with Excel Array Formulas
  • Experience working with a SQL language


$5,000 for up to 10 students, then $250 per additional student

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