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Private GPT AI Copilot

Revolutionizing Conversations with Your Organization’s Data in Senior Care and Value-Based Care Industries

Unlock Business Insights Through Conversational AI Grounded in Context

Introducing the Skypoint AI Private GPT  – your generative AI solution to enable employees to seamlessly chat with your organization’s data, using the power of GPT-4, and Skypoint’s industry Large Language Model (LLM).

Powered by the GPT-4 Model

Skypoint is leading the way in senior care and value-based care industries, leveraging generative AI to empower people with instant answers, grounded in industry and organizational context.

Skypoint’s ChatGPT plugin, powered by the GPT-4 model, provides users with instant insights about their own organization data through simple conversations. Whether you’re looking for last quarter’s sales numbers, internal policies, or even a personal care plan for a patient or resident — the Skypoint AI plugin provides instant answers without having to submit an internal ticket, email a department, or scouring internal systems.

Prior to AI, staff members had to log into different systems, skim documents for policy info, scour spreadsheets, or simply wait on another human to find the data or answers to make a decision.

With Skypoint’s private GPT, users can can skip the mind-numbing search and make the best decisions to improve experiences across the continuum of care.

Conversations Grounded in Context – Industry LLM

Using OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 technology — a specific large language model (LLM) trained for the senior living industry — Skypoint’s proprietary AI orchestration architecture utilizes a learning human feedback (RLHF) loop for accurate and fast responses.

Users can pose any question to Skypoint about their data or applications, such as, “How can I decrease overtime labor by 20% next month?”, or even follow-up with a request like, “Draft an email to each community in my portfolio outlining specific actions for its executive directors.” 

Your Enterprise Knowledge Graph Prioritizes Safe and Secure Access

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph prevents unauthorized access to sensitive enterprise data by implementing robust access controls, authentication, and authorization mechanisms. 

Skypoint’s private GPT is the latest example of how we’re using technology to help bring people and data together to revolutionize an industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A ChatGPT plugin refers to a software module or extension that integrates the capabilities of the ChatGPT language model into a specific platform, application, or system. This integration enables users to interact with ChatGPT directly within the context of that platform, allowing for natural language conversations, information retrieval, problem-solving, and more. The plugin essentially acts as a bridge between the external system and the ChatGPT model, enabling users to leverage the language model’s capabilities seamlessly within their existing workflows or applications. This can be especially useful for enhancing user interactions, providing customer support, generating content, or accessing insights from data through conversational interfaces.

Leveraging modern data lakehouse technology, an industry LLM contextually grounded in industry-specific terminology, and an enterprise knowledge graph, the platform enables an organization’s internal staff to chat with their data, using an intuitive ChatGPT-4 model.

Skypoint is the first to provide an industry-specific LLM for the senior living industry, meaning the model is trained to contextually ground the generative AI outputs, ensuring accuracy, security, and accessibility.

By leveraging an LLM trained on industry-specific data sets, the platform empowers users to access instant answers, automate tasks, and optimize productivity while providing the best care outcomes and experiences.

  1. Seamless Integration: Integrating the Skypoint AI ChatGPT Plugin into your existing systems is a breeze. Our team ensures a smooth setup tailored to your organization’s needs.
  2. Natural Conversations: Once integrated, start a conversation just like you would with a colleague. Ask questions, seek insights, and get immediate responses.

  3. Actionable Insights: Receive data-driven insights that empower you to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and improve patient care.

✓ Healthcare Professionals: From doctors to nurses, access patient data and treatment insights effortlessly.

✓ Administrators: Optimize resource allocation, track facility performance, and plan for the future using data-driven insights.

✓ Decision-makers: Senior Living CEOs, Operators and other executives can now have data at their fingertips, ensuring strategic decisions are well-informed.

Answers Grounded in Context

Skypoint’s AI plugin is designed to empower users to “chat with your data” – both structured and unstructured data, providing answers in the context of your business and your industry. Of course, the possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of questions you can ask:

  • Please provide the details of number of beds occupied for current month at community level in tabular format.
  • Provide the residents count for year 2023 based on type of living for all communities
  • Please provide current resident count based on the insurance type
  • What is the current total count of prospects?
  • What is the total move in count as of today
  • What are the total labor hours reported in last month?
  • How many hours reported as over time in year 2022
  • Help me with Emergency Water Agreement.
  • Can you help with policy and procedures for Expired Medications?
  • Can you help with policy and procedures for Disposal of Controlled Substances?

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph for controlled conversations

The integration of an enterprise knowledge graph and ChatGPT plugin ensures safety, security, and controlled access to data by centralizing information management, employing controlled data access, enhancing security layers, and providing context-aware conversations.

This solution safeguards sensitive information through encryption, authentication, and role-based access controls, while GPT-4’s contextual interactions are tailored to user roles. Real-time monitoring, audit trails, and adaptive learning prevent breaches and track data access. The system complies with regulations, offers customizable permissions, and can anonymize data when needed, creating a robust framework that balances AI-driven insights with data confidentiality.

✓ Converse Naturally: No technical jargon or complex commands. ChatGPT understands plain language, making it easy for anyone to extract insights from data.

Instant Responses: Receive real-time answers to your queries. No more waiting for reports to be generated; get immediate insights through dynamic conversations.

Personalized Insights: Tailor your conversations to your specific role and responsibilities. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, administrator, or decision-maker, ChatGPT provides relevant insights.

Data Security: We understand the sensitive nature of healthcare data. Skypoint’s AI ChatGPT Plugin ensures top-tier data security and compliance with industry regulations.

The plugin is currently in an early testing phase, providing an opportunity for Skypoint and OpenAI teams to refine and enhance the experience based on interactions from the users who are eligible to access it. As with all ChatGPT plugins in testing, OpenAI has implemented safeguards to minimize inaccuracies and prevent inappropriate responses, but users should keep in mind that at times the experience might not work exactly as expected.

The plugin uses your own systems data (structured and unstructured) combined with an industry LLM, and your internal knowledge graph to show the best outputs, for the right users, that are contextually grounded (using industry terminology, lexicon, etc.). This ensures that the responses are limited and aligned with your own data policies.

Users can ask ChatGPT for information beyond what’s available in your data set, but those search results won’t be sourced from data provided by Skypoint.

No back-end data is shared with external sites; the plugin’s focus is solely on providing information based on your data set, and within an industry context.

While the plugin is free to activate and use, it does require the Skypoint AI platform. 

AI learns through the training data you provide it, and grounded in the contextual confines of your organization so the outputs can only be as robust and reliable as the data you feed it. Furthermore, when utilizing a generative AI product, the LLM (large learning model) can be trained using your organizational data and documents to offer contextually relevant answers tailored to your business needs.

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