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Microsoft .NET

Create custom solutions for modern data processes without sacrificing data security and privacy.

Modern and Intuitive Web Applications at Your Fingertips

Microsoft .NET is a robust development platform that enables efficient application-building for web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and IoT. The .NET framework is the heart of most of the applications we build at CSG because it allows us to work efficiently with your processes, development team, and future collaborators.

Using the latest Microsoft .NET and open source technologies, CSG develops modern, intuitive web applications to help you improve internal and external processes to win the race of digital transformation.

Our Microsoft .NET Capabilities

Combine the .NET platform with agile methodologies to improve data processes.

Custom Applications

We develop modern web and mobile applications with the latest Microsoft and open source technologies.

Rapid Deployment

We use Intellisense and standardization features to enhance coding speed and readability.

Unified Code Base

We modernize your on-premise and cloud-based systems with the same code base to simplify development and maintenance.

Cloud Technology

We create, migrate, and monitor cloud-based web applications and database solutions to support digital transformation.

Streamlined Processes

We build integrations with multiple database sources, APIs, and other platforms for seamless workflows.

Responsive Design

We develop a single code base to handle desktop and mobile experiences to facilitate deployment.

Front-End Development

We leverage the latest technologies, such as React, Angular, and Razor Pages with TypeScript and JavaScript to create the best user experience.

Data Security

We use .NET’s many classes and services to write secure code, implement cryptography, and support role-based security.

Power Up Your Processes With Data-Driven Applications

With Skypoint’s Cloud Solutions Group as your dedicated team of experts, you have the best support to build a robust solution that sets the stage for winning data processes.