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Skypoint Profile

Skypoint Profile automates data unification across silos to create unique 360-degree customer profiles for personalized and trusted interactions.

Augment Personalization With Unified Customer Data

Your customers are telling you what they want with every click, scroll, pageview, communication, and transaction. But how can you connect the dots and gain holistic insights into each and every one of them?

Skypoint AI’s Profile feature helps you break down data silos, analyze the complete customer journey, and leverage enrichment data from external sources to create actionable 360-degree customer profiles.

Power Campaigns With Real-Time 360 Customer Views​

Comprehensive data and insights enhance customer activation and customer support.

Resolve Data Discrepancies​

Unify customer data via integration with Skypoint Resolve, which uses machine learning to identify personal data across systems and resolve identities.

Create Actionable Profiles​

Enhance customer activation and interactions with longitudinal records, communication preferences, behavioral and transactional patterns, and more.

Personalize Customer Experience​

Deliver highly personalized interactions and enhanced services based on real-time data and a complete customer profile.

Build Brand Trust​

Ensure compliance and respect your customers’ data with a 360-degree view that displays consent and privacy preferences in an at-a-glance profile.

Schedule Your Walkthrough of the Skypoint AI Platform

Skypoint’s AI Platform helps you safely integrate information from multiple sources so you can get the most out of the lifeblood of your organization—first-party customer data.

It’s time to deliver the personalized experience your customers expect…with more speed and less effort.

Get a complete walkthrough of Skypoint AI to see how you can connect data and create 360-degree profiles to engage customers without compromising compliance.

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