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Skypoint Automate

Skypoint Automate connects unified trusted data with business applications to empower citizen developers and accelerate innovation.

Skypoint Automate

Expand the Power of Your Data​

Connecting data sources with downstream business users is a time-consuming and resource-intensive effort. Many organizations struggle to empower citizen developers and democratize the use of data to optimize its value.

With seamless API integration, Skypoint Automate integrates your data with popular platforms and applications so anyone in the organization can make queries, build apps, and visualize information without straining already taxed IT resources.

Simplify Data Integration with Lakehouse SQL

Real-time integrations to Microsoft Power Platform and more.

Skypoint API Connector​

Work directly with your data and perform functions like search, filter, and match without relying on a web app.

Microsoft Teams

Quickly query and access customer details directly inside Microsoft Teams to deliver a responsive and comprehensive customer experience.

Microsoft Power Apps

Empower citizen developers to integrate unified customer profiles with customized apps through a low-code platform.

Microsoft Power Automate

Trigger specific events and automate workflows when data changes to deliver appropriate responses and communications.

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Our AI platform safely automates critical tasks to help you fully leverage the value of data in the most efficient way possible.

It’s time to simplify data integration and empower innovation, with more speed and less effort.

Get a complete walkthrough of our AI Platform, to see how Skypoint makes data more automated and actionable.

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