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Skypoint Predict

Skypoint Predictive Insights allow you to anticipate customer needs with real-time data and deliver meaningful experiences across the entire customer journey.

Skypoint Predict - Predictive Analytics

Predict Customer Needs with Machine Learning and AI​

Consumers have greater control of their experiences and brand expectations have never been higher. Customer analytics and insights are vital for today’s brands.

With built-in AI, Skypoint Cloud creates new dimensions for understanding and segmenting your customers into high-performing audiences. Predictive models leverage unified customer data to pinpoint unseen engagement opportunities across complex purchasing paths.

Predictive Insights for Greater Experiences

Rapidly anticipate customer needs and take action by using AI-powered insights.

Increase Revenue​

Leverage real-time data to determine who is most likely to buy, which segment will churn, or when to present an offer.

Support Teams​

Glean valuable BI and predictive insights for marketing, sales, service, and IT through Skypoint’s zero-copy data lakehouse.

AI-Powered Insights​

Predict customer needs by unlocking powerful insights using pre-built AI and ML models or custom models.

Analyze and Adapt

Learn from patterns in historical customer data to identify risks and opportunities and make predictions about future outcomes.

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