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Coalesce is a data transformation platform that leverages column-aware architecture to support data warehousing workloads at scale.

Data Pipeline Automation Built Exclusively for Snowflake

Coalesce streamlines the manual processes involved in data warehousing. Whether you’re looking to build a data warehouse from scratch, re-architect, or migrate, Coalesce is a trusted data transformation solution built for scale.

Built exclusively for Snowflake, Coalesce helps data engineers, data architects, data analysts, and other data professionals save time, improve data quality, and accelerate their time to insights.

Coalesce’ key differentiator is that it’s designed to tackle large data projects with ease by utilizing metadata – information about columns, tables, structure and transformations at the column level. 

This allows your team to define their data warehouse , standardize templates, and make change management easy through stress-free deployment planning.

Coalesce Architecture
Accelerate Transformations with Coalesce and Snowflake

Coalesce + Skypoint Cloud: A Winning Combo

Instead of handwriting a lot of code that you have to either spend a ton of time on or add more people to get done faster, Coalesce acts as an efficiency multiplier for developers.

As powerful as it may be, expertise is still needed to design the end result and convert raw data into an effective data model that can drive desired analytics or self-serving capabilities. Even if you have a model in mind, there are still choices to be made regarding how to reach your end goal.

That’s where Skypoint comes in. Our proficiency lies in optimizing data modeling to unlock the true potential of your data. We focus on “what” exactly you want to accomplish, leaving the “how” practicalities to Coalesce.

We provide an efficient means of deploying Coalesce utilizing our proven patterns developed through years of data warehouse automation tool expertise. 

Why Coalesce:

Cloud Native

Coalesce’s cloud-native architecture provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for data warehousing, leveraging Snowflake’s cloud-based services and enabling organizations to build end-to-end data pipelines in the cloud.

Flexible Command Line Interface

Keep tabs on the status and version of your data warehouse with its hybrid control plane, an effortless solution that combines visual elements alongside efficient coding.

Native SQL Generation

Automatically generate optimized SQL queries based on the structure and metadata of the underlying data, improving query performance and reducing the need for manual query optimization.

Column-Aware Architecture

Leverage column names and mappings for easily applying transformations within a data set. Easily track changes in individual columns such as addresses or phone numbers without the need for code-writing skills.

Automated Documentation

Track each element’s origin and usage, so everyone on the team knows exactly what it means without spending precious time decoding its origin story.

Visualize Column Lineage

Visualize how data moves through an organization’s data warehouse, helping data professionals better understand the source and transformation history of each column.

Coalesce DWH Automation Use Cases:

Coalesce helps get your business data into Snowflake as efficiently as possible:


Building a Data Warehouse from Scratch

With Coalesce’s Column Aware Architecture, you can construct a data warehouse of standardized database objects quickly and painlessly. All the guesswork is eliminated as every change made to your tables are tracked via full documentation with instantaneous impact analysis for added security. Create an entire data model in no time flat! For extra assurance when deploying new changes, use customizable object templates that anyone on your team can replicate in the future or set up COA plans for greater insight into what lies ahead.


Re-architect a Data Warehouse

Need a data warehouse capable of adapting to future changes? Coalesce’s column-aware architecture makes it easy: easily add new columns and adjust existing ones, all while automatically generating detailed documentation so you know exactly what your pipeline looks like — no guesswork required. Plus, keep up with best practices for industry leading architectures such as Data Vault 2.0 faster than ever before!


Migrate an Existing Data Warehouse

Take the hassle out of migrating to Snowflake with Coalesce. Create your data model and nodes, then generate standard SQL specifically tailored for you that is customizable and documented in full detail so you have visibility into how it’s changed over time.

You can even create surrogate keys instead of hash values when rebuilding type II dimensions – all while having access to automated table-level metadata like no other service offers today! With Coalesce’s unbeatable convenience, smoothly transition from months or years worth of work without breaking a sweat.

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