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Power ON

Supercharge your Excel and Power BI reports with Planning and Write-back capabilities provided by our partners at Power ON.

Supercharge Power BI with FP&A, Planning & Writeback Capabilities

Power ON is a Power BI add-in that enables organizations to turn Power BI into a real-time data collection and decision-making machine for use across business-critical planning and data collaboration processes. 

Organizations leverage Power ON to supercharge their Power BI investment and empower users across the organization to go beyond analysis in Power BI to collect or contribute data input, perform what-if scenario analysis, and add commentary or remarks at a detail level.

With Power ON you can use Power BI to connect, streamline, automate and scale key business processes including sales planning, operational forecasting, demand or supply chain planning, and even straightforward data collection. 

Skypoint Cloud Data Lakehouse, build on Databricks

Power ON + Skypoint Data Warehouse: A Winning Combo

Data can be stored in Skypoint’s data warehouse, or bring your own cloud – the choice is yours. 

Skypoint’s data lakehouse combines the benefits of a data lake and data warehouse to create a new open data management architecture based on Delta Lake

Adding Power ON to Power BI, complemented by a data warehouse, empowers your organization to analyze, enter plans and models, even manage data, all in the same place. 

Why Power ON:

Analysis should be more than read-only dashboards, drill-downs, and ‘export to spreadsheets’. To compete in today’s world, you need to connect real-time analysis with rapid decisions and action.

Analyze & Model

Take analysis to the next level. “What-if we cut costs/sold more?” No more export to spreadsheet. Analysis and scenario planning, all unified in one place.

Build & Plan

Assemble data for planning, generate scenarios, and enable writeback. Add Drivers, KPIs, and approval workflows to streamline critical data collection processes.

Share & Collaborate

Connect decision makers to utilize Power BI, using Excel-like features they already know. Leverage security & multi-user models to collaborate with confidence.

Decide & Act

Take action in Power BI, right where you analyze, model, plan, and collaborate. Bring decisions to life faster that maximize impact and drive real results.

Supercharge Your Power BI Investment with Power ON

Power ON’s products deliver advanced capabilities to extend beyond out-of-the-box Power BI features, including:

Real-time Write-back

Write data back to your data source in real-time, directly from within the Power BI environment, empowering users to enter data, perform what-if scenarios, and create new models in real-time.

Integrated Planning and Analysis

Unify data modeling, collection, and planning processes, all within the Power BI environment. Empower users to perform advanced analysis, without the need for complex ETL processes or separate planning tools.

Advanced Data Modeling

While standard Power BI provides some basic data modeling capabilities, Power ON offers advanced features such as driver-based modeling, pivot tables, and Excel-like entry goals, smart formulas and DAX measures.

Enhanced Row Level Security

Power ON provides enhanced security features such as row-level security and dynamic security, allowing for more granular control over who can access specific data within Power BI.

Flexible Data Storage

In the Cloud, on-prem, or hybrid, Power ON leverages and respects your existing cloud infrastructure and security, and embeds seamlessly into the Power BI ecosystem. 

Optimized UX

Combine the features of Power BI with the flexibility of an Excel spreadsheet. Analyze and immediately enter, edit, copy/paste, filter, slice, and format directly in Power BI.

Power ON Products:

Visual Planner

With Visual Planner you can go beyond analysis in Power BI, to Plan, Forecast, and Collaborate in real-time. Edit, comment, filter, perform what-if scenarios that update Power BI instantaneously, all while respecting role-based security.

Power XL

With Visual Planner + Power XL components you get a true  ‘Filtered Spreadsheet’ experience directly in Power BI. Now you can analyze, and immediately enter, edit, copy/paste, filter, slice, and even format directly in Power BI. 

Visual Modeler

Visual Modeler enables the development of relational data modeling from within Power BI.

Develop a SQL database and SSAS tabular model with just a few clicks.

What Power ON Customers Say:

Ready to Take Power BI to The Next Level?

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