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Announcing the Launch of Skypoint Predict

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Leaders of consumer and healthcare brands have long grasped the importance of a comprehensive and accurate customer data foundation. But how do brands go from data on customers to the insights that power personalized experiences at a massive scale?

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of Skypoint Predict, a suite of dynamic, continuously updated predictive insights on each customer powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI has long been a core part of the Skypoint platform. Proprietary machine learning algorithms enable Skypoint to support identity resolution and patient matching on massive datasets, identifying hidden links between customer records—even with incomplete or inaccurate information—so IT and business leaders actually see the people in their data.

The launch of Skypoint Predict extends these capabilities in a bold new direction.

What is Skypoint Predict?

Skypoint Predict automatically enriches each customer profile with predictive behavioral insights, enabling brands to deliver the connected experiences that customers increasingly expect. Insights like:

  • Predict high value and at-risk customers
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Churn propensity
  • Product recommendations
  • Upsell and cross-sell recommendations
  • Finding similar customers
  • Missing data values
  • Predictive audiences

The possibilities are endless. Equipped with predictive insights on each customer, brands can architect truly personalized and adaptive app experiences, deliver granular segmentation and personalization, support advanced analytics, and more.

For consumer brands, this translates to more loyal customers and higher lifetime value. For healthcare brands, this means timelier and more personalized interventions to drive patient empowerment.

The Future is Predictive

Customer behavior is changing faster than ever. The proliferation of new digital channels, changing needs in the aftermath of COVID-19, and evolving expectations around seamless experiences have all created challenges for brands trying to keep up with their customers.

The most successful consumer and healthcare brands recognize that serving customers means anticipating customer needs. But brands struggle to do this for several reasons:

  • Customer data is fragmented and siloed across multiple systems
  • It’s daunting to unify customer records into a single “golden record” for each customer or patient
  • It requires expertise to create a secure, well-governed customer or patient 360

We built Skypoint Cloud to address exactly these challenges.

Skypoint Predict supports our clients on the next phase of their journey: harnessing a complete, accurate, and well-governed customer data foundation to map out each customer’s future relationship with the brand.

How Does Skypoint Predict Work?

Think of Skypoint Predict as an enrichment engine constantly sifting through raw data and transforming it into predictions on each customer. In technical terms, Skypoint Predict is an autonomous machine learning pipeline connected directly to a client’s customer or patient 360.

Individual-level data enriched with semantic tags—specific business concepts like “transaction date”—feeds into this pipeline. Advanced algorithms then identify hidden patterns across a client’s dataset and perpetually self-optimize predictions as additional data is gathered. Models are continuously and automatically updated, with no model building or tuning required.

This approach rests on Skypoint’s unique-in-the-industry adherence to a set of open data standards, the common data model (CDM), and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). These data standards enable clients to define their data universe within a standard schema—supporting rapid, out-of-the-box profile enrichment.

Skypoint Predict is designed for extensibility. Through our tightly integrated Microsoft ecosystem, clients with an in-house data science or analytics team develop their own models in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning for seamless deployment within Skypoint.

The insights generated through Skypoint Predict, as with other attributes in a client’s customer or patient 360, can be streamed to destinations including marketing platforms, analytics environments, and data warehouses, and development tools using 200+ out-of-the-box connectors.

The upshot? Whether your team is just getting started or has a full staff of data scientists, Skypoint Predict offers the ability to rapidly anticipate and take action on customer needs as the platform is built on the world’s most comprehensive and secure customer data foundation.

The Final Word

We’re deeply proud of the Skypoint team for this launch, grateful to our customers for their collaboration and partnership, and exhilarated about the possibilities that Skypoint Predict unlocks for customer-centric consumer and healthcare brands.

Want to see Skypoint Predict in action? Schedule a demo with us today or learn more about how predictive insights transforms your business.

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