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Announcing the Launch of Skypoint Resolve

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Organizations spend billions of dollars every year on poor-quality identity data. Fragmented identity data doesn’t only affect resources and revenue, it also disrupts the great customer experience brands work so hard to cultivate.

Today we are launching Skypoint Resolve, the most cost-effective and scalable solution for creating a single source of identity.

Organizations gain a true understanding of their customers—and save time and costs by eliminating inaccurate or antiquated information. Teams use machine learning and automation, instead of managing data inefficiently in spreadsheets or legacy systems.

If you resolve identities, then you have the power to understand who your real customers are. With Skypoint Resolve, you’ll have quality data at the ready to optimize the business and personalize the customer experience.

What is Skypoint Resolve?

Skypoint Resolve is an identity resolution SaaS product powered by machine learning that resolves identities at scale. Skypoint unifies siloed data from all systems and applications and automatically matches identity and demographic data (i.e. names, phone numbers, emails, addresses).

The end result is an accurate, high-quality profile for each and every customer.

Skypoint Resolve helps you:

  • Unify fragmented identity and demographic data from multiple systems and applications.
  • Locate and consolidate identity data rapidly across systems and applications, using Skypoint’s smart scanning capabilities.
  • Map, match, deduplicate, merge, and optimize customer identity markers to create a real-time customer 360 profile using machine learning—say goodbye to static rules.
  • Group customer profiles based on household, company, or other categories to support personalized and focused sales, marketing, and service efforts.
  • Resolve data conflicts to achieve a golden record, which helps organizations understand their true customers and engage more effectively.
  • Leverage a persistent identifier (SkPointID) to ensure data quality and consistent operations across downstream applications.
  • Protect your organization against growing identity fraud by identifying the anomalies in customer data to detect and prevent fraud.

How Does Skypoint Resolve Work?

What’s not working for a lot of today’s organizations is a wildly inefficient approach to managing customer data. Many teams understand the critical importance of data quality, but they are stuck relying on spreadsheets to manually perform identity resolution.

There are many options for identity resolution, from legacy homegrown solutions to old guard software. Nobody had a scalable solution that was both effective and affordable until Skypoint Resolve.

Skypoint Resolve uses two advanced approaches for identity resolution, deterministic and probabilistic, along with ML-based algorithms to identify a golden record.

A retail brand might have multiple storefronts, with physical and/or online locations. Information is being captured using certain identity data points about individual customers—phone numbers for in-store experiences and emails for digital experiences.

A SaaS or healthcare organization deals with data in similar ways, gathering tons of identity data at various touch points from various systems and applications, then struggling to maintain clean and consistent data along the way.

Commonly, customer data is inaccurate and siloed…not useful, and certainly, not actionable.

Having a golden record of the customer allows organizations to fully leverage high-quality data for engagement, cross-selling, and upselling activities. Without identity resolution, you’ll find it impossible to confidently execute campaigns that improve retention, increase sales, reduce CX friction, or maximize customer profitability.

Skypoint Cloud unifies customer profiles across an interoperable data platform, so organizations have access to complete and organized customer data—including use cases such as enterprise master patient index (EMPI) in healthcare.

Gaining a deeper understanding of customers allows teams to optimize campaigns, increase sales, and improve customer engagement…all while maintaining privacy compliance.

Who is Skypoint Resolve for?

Skypoint enables business and technology users across a variety of unique industries (healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and more) with the tools to secure, govern, and access relevant customer data.

B2C, B2B, and healthcare organizations can all benefit from a scalable identity resolution product like Skypoint.

Any modern organization is using people’s information, whether that is a customer, prospect, or patient. Regardless of the industry, this data can either be a competitive advantage or a liability. Skypoint Resolve empowers these organizations with consistent customer profiles, fraud detection, and compliance.

Organizations are using Skypoint to improve data quality at scale and engage with customers in more meaningful ways. Compared to legacy solutions, Skypoint’s customers are seeing a 128% improvement in real customer reach and a 52% cost savings.

Why Skypoint Resolve Matters for Your Organization

One of the most important goals of any business is to continually make the right business decisions. That peak level of decision-making requires the ability to accurately identify customers as real people, real businesses, or real patients.

Right now your organization is spending a lot of money on marketing, sales, and service efforts. Do you truly know how many customers you have, who they are, and what they want?

The reality is that your customer data has room for improvement. Many of your customers aren’t real, because you have fake email addresses. Records are duplicated or outdated. Families are in the same household or leads belong to the same organization, but you don’t know it because none of this information is consolidated and connected.

With Skypoint Resolve, the algorithmic linking of customer records fills in incomplete or inaccurate data gaps by bringing multiple identities together from a multitude of touchpoints. Machine learning also helps with fraud detection, identifying who the true customer is, and flagging fake profiles.

Skypoint Resolve is a key piece of a very complicated data puzzle your organization is trying to figure out. Resolve works toward long-term organizational success, providing the insights your team needs to make better business decisions and create meaningful experiences at scale.


Your team is already spending time working toward much-needed data quality improvements. Don’t waste more of it by manually performing identity resolution in spreadsheets. Automate these tasks with Skypoint Resolve to make data work for you (not against you).

Want more specifics on how Skypoint Resolve will help your organization succeed? Our team is happy to give you a walkthrough of the solution. Schedule your demo to get started.

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