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Announcing the Launch of Skypoint Vault

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You wouldn’t leave jewelry or cash out on the kitchen table, you would keep these valuables in a safe place. Sensitive customer data should receive the same special treatment—kept in an isolated and encrypted store rather than “left on the table,” scattered and mixed together with other databases and data stores.

We are excited to launch Skypoint Vault, a cost-effective and all-encompassing solution that isolates, secures, and governs sensitive data in a zero-trust vault.

Companies you know well—Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple—all use data vaults to manage sensitive data. Skypoint Vault makes this same capability available to your organization and easy for your team to implement, whether you are a pro-code or low-code developer.

By using Skypoint Vault, you check all the boxes for fulfilling privacy guidelines and requirements and complying with state and federal regulations. Not only are you protecting your organization, but you’re also protecting the customers who entrust their data to you.

What is Skypoint Vault?

Skypoint Vault is a data privacy vault that allows businesses to isolate, encrypt, govern, and leverage sensitive data (PII, PCI, and healthcare records) to comply with privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and improve customer experience.

Skypoint Vault makes data protection easy. It also helps you architect applications more efficiently, without having to store any sensitive data in your databases.

Skypoint Vault helps you:

  • Prevent data breaches by eliminating the concept of implicit trust through role-based access control and data authentication.
  • Reduce unnecessary data risks using leading-edge data security solutions, like de-identification and homomorphic encryption.
  • Share data securely with systems and 3rd parties, using encryption, data masking, and differential redaction.
  • Make data protection easy and efficient for pro-code and low-code developers and security teams through a simple infrastructure, REST and SQL APIs.
  • Use the Power Platform suite with confidence, since Skypoint Vault fully supports this integration and is compliant with the Common Data Model (CDM) as a Dataverse connector.
  • Protect highly sensitive customer data while also providing easy access to reporting tools like Power BI to make informed business decisions.

How Does Skypoint Vault Work?

Chances are high that your team experiences the same data privacy challenges as other organizations…you’re dealing with information overload, poor-quality data, and a growing list of data privacy legislation.

Sensitive information isn’t getting the special treatment it deserves. You’re trying to do the right thing with customer data, but it’s very complex to manage.

Both sensitive and non-sensitive data are commonly being mixed together in the same transactional database. Because sensitive data is not properly isolated, your team must create convoluted processes, like security roles, to mask data within the database.

You don’t have to do heavy-lifting on the security role side, since Skypoint does this for you out of the box. You simply create a vault and use it, just like a SQL database.

Skypoint Vault separates and secures sensitive data in a zero-trust vault that integrates with applications through a simple API or SQL. You gain the ability to encrypt data and also perform computations on the encrypted data (known as homomorphic encryption).

In addition to leading security features, Skypoint Vault is compliant with the Common Data Model (CDM) as a Dataverse connector and it supports integration with Microsoft Power Platform.

In this low-code environment, anyone (not just software developers) is able to create and run applications and workflows—essentially, using sensitive data while also protecting it.

If you’re a pro code developer, you can use the API. If you’re a low-code or no-code developer, you can use the Skypoint Vault Power Platform connector. Skypoint’s Cloud Solutions Group (CSG) is always here should you need more app dev support.

Who is Skypoint Vault for?

Skypoint Vault is beneficial for any business, especially organizations operating in a regulated industry.

  • An e-commerce retailer deals with loyalty card numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A healthcare organization deals with health records.
  • A financial services company deals with critical payments and personally identifiable information (PII).
  • A SaaS company deals with sensitive business data when building applications.
  • An IT firm deals with employees’ personal information for an HR department application.

A biometric company and one of Skypoint’s customers, Q5ID, Inc., provides an app to help find missing children, seniors, and people with special needs when they are thought to be missing. PII in Q5ID’s world includes people’s height, weight, eye color, and skin color.

“With Skypoint Vault, we are able to ensure our users’ personal information, and the information of their missing loved one is protected, and control when and which information we share if they go missing,” said Steve Larson, CEO of Q5ID, Inc.

“We are passionate about this app, and with Skypoint’s Vault integration, we were able to get our app running with one-third the time and cost and begin building our community sooner.”

Why Skypoint Vault Matters for Your Organization

Remember when Microsoft Power Apps exposed 38 million data records? This data breach included personal data ranging from COVID vaccination status to social security numbers and email addresses. And, it could have been prevented with Skypoint Vault.

If your organization has experienced a data breach, you know just how damaging this can be for your brand. Skypoint Vault safeguards your entire organization and your entire customer database, while allowing you to leverage data to run the business more effectively.

Because of data security threats, your organization is doing all that it can to prevent breaches like the one Microsoft went through. While having a dedicated team overlooking your data processes is a step in the right direction, it can be costly from a resource budget perspective but also from a potential breach perspective.

Skypoint Vault is an automated solution that keeps all the data and the infrastructure secure, so your team can spend less time on data privacy processes and more time on other priorities.

Data privacy is a human right. Customers expect businesses to stay compliant and protect their data. Skypoint Vault gives your development team peace of mind for storing sensitive data, fulfilling compliance needs, and achieving actionable insights.

Want to see how Skypoint Vault helps your organization protect and leverage customer data? Our team is ready to give you a walkthrough…just schedule a demo.

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