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5 Amazing Benefits of a Healthcare Data Platform

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A healthcare data platform is very similar to a customer data platform in that a variety of different information across the healthcare continuum is automatically collected, securely stored, and easily accessed from one centralized location.

Data is collected from a multitude of healthcare analytics sources, including:

  • Claims data.
  • Survey data, such as from the Medicare CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) and the Star ratings program.
  • Diagnosis data, such as CPT codes or ICD-10 codes.
  • Pharmacy information, such as prescriptions.
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).
  • Patient portals or patient apps.

Numerous benefits are associated with a healthcare data platform like Skypoint Cloud. But for today’s sake, let’s keep the conversation focused and talk about our top five.

1. Improve the Patient Experience

Collecting all of this data across different systems through a healthcare data platform helps you continually put the patient at the very center of your healthcare analytics initiatives. Rather than trying to facilitate clinical workflow, like a lot of other data platforms already in existence, Skypoint Cloud focuses on collecting and connecting information so data is unified around the patient.

Data is made readily available across different care teams, from case managers to multiple providers and practitioners. Data can also be shared via patient portals, so patients have the opportunity to quickly access relevant information that was not previously available to them.

2. Share Data Easily and Securely

A few important initiatives have been ongoing within the healthcare clinical delivery space, specifically for those within the scope of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). One of the major initiatives is interoperability, the ability to share information with the entire clinical team participating in a patient’s care journey while simultaneously driving patient access to health information.

CMS has passed several interoperability requirements for plans and providers. These requirements are hyper-focused on privacy and data standards associated with APIs and how data is connected and shared when giving access both to providers and to patients:

  • The Cures Act
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • Health Level Seven (HL7)

Skypoint gives you the ability to unify data around the patient, then make that data available to providers, caregivers, and patients in a private and secure manner.

3. Gain Access to High-Quality Health Records

Because Skypoint’s healthcare data platform is built on a “lakehouse” called Delta Lake, you’re able to solve for both business intelligence and advanced healthcare analytics use cases from a single source of zero-copy data.

Clinicians or operators involved in either accountable care organizations or value-based arrangements run their operational functions off of this single source. Through business intelligence and insights within your patient population, you gain a comprehensive health record to fully understand who gets the right care at the right time with the right provider.

You also have access to data from other providers. For example, you can view the patient’s prescription data rather than relying on the patient to communicate that information. All information is readily accessible, so you provide the best possible patient care without overburdening patients.

4. See Insights Throughout the Patient Journey

In the consumer marketing world, you hear about the customer journey all the time. In the healthcare space, we have the patient journey. Since Skypoint is also a customer data platform, we’ve applied lessons learned through consumerism to how we’re approaching our healthcare data platform.

Patient 360 is just like a customer 360 view—it delivers a longitudinal health record that captures pertinent information in a chronological timeline. A provider might use these chronological insights to understand how a patient’s condition is evolving. Patient 360 gives additional data transparency, such as other providers the patient has seen along with the outcomes.

This patient visibility helps take off the burden for reporting, which is required to receive reimbursement from CMS. You can even use this data for more data science and advanced analytics, whether you are focused on predicting patient health outcomes or communicating more effectively based on patient preferences.

Through clean high-quality data, providers access analytics needed to conduct population health management. Pre-built quality, utilization, and cost measures are available at your fingertips along with the ability to easily create your own customized measures.

5. Increase Patient and Provider Satisfaction

Over the last couple of decades, healthcare professionals have been working towards this idea of Triple Aim. Now we have moved into the era of the Quadruple Aim.

Triple Aim was focused on better outcomes, lower costs, and more operational efficiencies within the healthcare system—along with improved patient experiences. Quadruple Aim is an extension of these focus areas. The goal is to prevent provider burnout by supporting providers in the clinical delivery process.

One of the best ways to empower providers is by giving them relevant patient information at the right time. Skypoint Cloud connects and unifies data around the patient then makes information available to the appropriate people for their specific needs. As a result, providers use their time more effectively, engage patients throughout their care journey, make the best clinical decisions, and drive better outcomes for their patients.

Skypoint’s healthcare data platform is here to foster connectedness between providers and the clinical community and the patients you serve. Reach out to start driving better outcomes.

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