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How to Use Data Sensitivity Labels in Power BI

Data protection is essential for every organization and as an employee, it’s our duty to protect it. In Power BI, we can apply sensitivity labels to protect the data so that unauthorized users cannot access the data.

In this session you will learn the followings:

  1. What is Data Protection in Power BI?
  2. What are the sensitivity labels in Power BI?
  3. How to apply sensitivity labels in Power BI?
  4. How to enable the sensitivity labels in Power BI?
  5. Demo

Ajay Kumar has more than 10 years of IT experience in the Healthcare, Banking & Finance industry with deep knowledge and experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, he is handling a popular YouTube channel, “BI Consulting Pro” where tutorial videos about Power BI tips and tricks are shared weekly.

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