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DAX Measures: Sparklines and Small Multiples in Power BI

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BRIAN GRANT (Skypoint CSG) – DAX Measures: Sparklines and Small Multiples in Power BI


Most Power BI users are aware that DAX unlocks the ability to create incredible dynamic calculations within reports; most though, are unaware that you can even use DAX to generate images using the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard. This means the long sought-after chart types of “small multiples” and “spark lines” are suddenly available, letting report authors create pivot tables, not of numbers, but of dozens of tiny dynamic charts. However, this only works if you know how to leverage DAX to write dynamic SVG code, a rather oblique use of the language. In this session we’ll be showing users how to do exactly that step by step, live on stage. Folks will walk away with basic patterns they can use to create their own chart measures at home in no time at all.

This session was recorded at the Pacific Northwest Power BI Symposium 2019 on 6/18/19.

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