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DAX Tutorial: Understand the Elements to Demystify DAX

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Each of us struggles with DAX in different ways. The language is so elegant, so elusive and maddeningly Houdini-like, that anyone who works it long enough comes to love it.

But progress comes in fits and starts. One week you think you have got it and the next you get a problem that throws you back to the starting line. Our goal is to give you a reliable place to return to in those moments.

If you get the elements, you can get the system. If you get the system, you have the framework to assemble even the most complex answer.

Our soon-to-be-released video series Elements of DAX is the brainchild of CSG Pro’s Brian Grant. The goal of this particular CSG Pro video series is to demystify DAX by showing how it is a system composed of elements that repeat themselves over and over. You’ve seen variations of it before—it’s like assembling Lego™ parts. This DAX tutorial video series will help you understand why that effort is worth it.

In the Elements of DAX video series, Brian breaks what DAX does into three steps:

  1. Filtering (aka Revising existing filters)
  2. Deriving Tables
  3. Iterating

You need to understand all three—as individual concepts, they are easy enough. However, they become much more complex as they start interacting with each other. The CSG Pro Elements of DAX video series provides clarity through the complexity.

The Elements of DAX video series is releasing soon. In the meantime, enjoy the series teaser so you know what to expect.

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