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DAX Overview with Jeffrey Wang

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JEFFREY WANG (Microsoft Power BI)


Jeffrey will go over important DAX concepts, programming patterns, debugging techniques, and common user mistakes. DAX has been repeatedly voted by users as one of the most powerful features of Power BI and at the same time one of the more difficult areas to learn and master. There will be demos using Power BI Desktop to illustrate the various DAX patterns covered in the presentation.


Jeffrey joined Microsoft Analysis Services engine team in 2004 and quickly discovered that working on data modeling and programming language is the best way to work on core technologies yet stay close to the end users at the same time, so he joined the MDX formula engine team. After shipping a couple of releases of SQL Server Analysis Services, he joined the committee that created DAX. Today Jeffrey leads the development effort of the DAX engine that drives Power BI’s data modeling, interactive queries, user programming, DirectQuery, and composite model inside the Power BI product group.

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