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Driving Organizational Change with Power BI

MATTHEW MITCHELL (Central City Concern) – Driving Organizational Change with Power BI

Have you created beautiful dashboards but are struggling to create a data-driven culture? Do your business leaders have access to robust reports but not seeing business results? This is the story of how Central City Concern (CCC), a large community-based nonprofit, is taking a new approach to Power BI to create a culture of accountability and data-driven decision making.

Despite being an early adopter of Power BI and investing in the development of a data warehouse, CCC struggled to translate the new-found access to data into a data-driven culture. Opinions overshadowed actionable insights. Powerful reports sat idle and unused. But all of that is beginning to change. By aligning the vision for Power BI reporting with an executive-supported initiative, leaders are finding it easier to access the data they need and are embedding data review into the culture of their teams. In this critical period of culture change, we are doubling-down on user adoption and laying out a vision for the future.

Matthew Mitchell has worked in homeless health care since 2011 and serves as data strategist at Central City Concern, a homeless service nonprofit in Portland, OR.  He leverages analytics and human-centered design to shape strategic responses to complex health and social needs.

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