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Efficiency Improvements in PBI Datasets: What We’ve Learned

When working with large PBI Datasets, complex calculations, and many different dashboards, speed and efficiency become increasingly important. Knowing how to identify performance-crashing artifacts and knowing where to position that logic is key to keeping resource costs low and refresh times fast.

DataDx provides cloud-based analytics tools to help medical and dental practices understand their business and make data-driven decisions. Power BI Embedded is core to their product, which they provide to diverse clients of all sizes. Ben Lawrence & Ahmed Abualsoud lead the Power BI work for DataDx and have a passion for making valuable, efficient dashboards that scale.

Ben Lawrence is the Manager of Analytics at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics, informatics, and healthcare. Ben enjoys working in Power BI and Python, snowboarding, and hanging out with his dogs. Ahmed Abualsoud is a Business Analyst at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics and healthcare. Ahmed enjoys visualizing data using Power BI, cooking, and playing soccer.

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