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How to Build a Star Schema Data Model

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Ever get frustrated when watching Power BI training videos or reading through best practice documentation because the data sources that you have at work aren’t anything like the pristine data warehouse sources from the video?

This session will provide guidance and tips for building a solid Power BI data model with less than ideal data sources. If you have ever struggled building a data model from super wide, flattened out excel spreadsheets, this session is for you. We’ll start off with some flattened data sources and end up with a star schema that will impress any data warehouse architect!

Prior to building out an Enterprise Data Warehouse as a developer on the Business Intelligence team, Mark Beedle started out as the vlookup/pivot table guy in the Customer Service department. He enjoys a good bourbon, has a big beard, and believes The Office is the greatest television show every created. While his current passion is helping people with Power BI, he’ll never forget his Excel roots!

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