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How to Create Industry-Ready AI Copilots Using Skypoint and Microsoft Copilot Studio

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Microsoft and Skypoint heard from customers that they want to customize and extend copilots with their unique needs. Similarly, customers wanting to build their own custom standalone Copilot experience and publish it to the channel of their choice.

Enterprise-Ready AI Copilots require more than simply adding data into Large Language Models (LLMs) or using tools like Microsoft Copilot for accurate and trustable AI. It’s essential for the data to be “AI-Ready” — meaning it should be unified, have rules, and tagged or labeled. Additionally, the AI’s reasoning engine must be equipped with context and industry-specific embeddings. At Skypoint, our SaaS platform focus on preparing data to be “AI-Ready” and ensuring that the reasoning engine is “Industry-Ready”.

I am excited to share how you can now leverage Skypoint and Microsoft Copilot Studio to customize copilots and create standalone powerful enterprise-ready copilots tailored to your specific business needs in your industry to “chat with your data”.

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code tool that allows you to customize Copilot for Microsoft 365 and also build standalone private copilots. With Copilot Studio, you can easily design, test, and publish copilots that suit your specific business needs using Skypoint AI agents (plugins, GPTs) as your industry-specific AI platform (e.g. healthcare, senior care, value-based care and other regulated industries).

Key Features of Microsoft Copilot Studio

  • Custom Conversations: Design tailored conversations for predictable scenarios that require specific responses, such as compliance or regulatory topics that can be generated by Skypoint AI agent.
  • Data Connectivity: Connect Copilot to AI agents like Skypoint and other data sources.
  • Low-Code Interface: Use the low-code graphical interface or natural language to build your copilot, with features to streamline solution development, including collaborative commenting, graphical multi-authoring, and side-by-side coding views.
  • Integration and Distribution: Seamlessly publish Skypoint AI-powered standalone copilots to internal and external websites / web apps, Microsoft Teams, mobile apps, and other channels.

Leveraging Skypoint with Microsoft Copilot Studio

Skypoint’s Industry AI SaaS platform provides the unified “AI-ready” data (data, rules and tag) and AI agent capabilities to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Copilot Studio. By integrating Skypoint with Copilot Studio, you can further extend the capabilities of your copilots, leveraging Skypoint’s industry-specific features to create more intelligent, more accurate and context-aware conversational experiences.

Getting Started

To get started with creating copilots using Skypoint and Microsoft Copilot Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Access Copilot Studio: Log in to Microsoft Copilot Studio and explore the low-code interface for building copilots.
  2. Customize Conversations: Design conversations that address specific scenarios and automate complex business tasks.
  3. Connect Data Sources: Utilize Skypoint’s data connectors and AI capabilities (Plugin, GPTs, Power Platform connector, APIs) to enhance the copilot’s access to and understanding of your AI-ready data. Skypoint has built-in industry-specific embeddings, fine-tuning, LLM orchestrations and more.
  4. Publish and Distribute: Seamlessly publish your copilots to various channels, including internal and external websites, Microsoft Teams, and mobile apps.

By combining the power of Skypoint with Microsoft Copilot Studio, you can create intelligent and efficient AI copilots that streamline business processes and enhance user experiences across your organization.

For more information on how to integrate Skypoint with Microsoft Copilot Studio and create custom copilots, feel free to reach out to our team at Skypoint.

Let’s unlock the full potential of Generative AI for your business and boost your productivity in your industry.

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