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How to Reverse Engineer a Power BI PBIX File

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DAVID BERGLIN (BBSI) – How to Reverse Engineer a Power BI PBIX File

You and your team build great Power BI reports: complex, insightful, and beautiful reports. On Tuesday, the team is out for an extended lunch (tacos) when the boss asks for a “quick fix”. Why ask for more time? Just whip out your PowerShell. I’ll show you how to: A) Unravel the spaghetti of complex Dax dependencies so you can see the impact of your edits. B) See what your taco-occupied friends changed in your latest PBIX reporting files. This PowerShell script is an easy tool to give you enormous visibility into your Power BI Desktop reports.

David is a senior software developer who recently discovered Power BI. “I need an easier way to figure this out” he once thought to himself. His learning curve will propel your own. He writes software that helps him write software. (hint: it’ll help you too).

Download David’s source code here:

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