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Improving Your DAX Skills with

This advanced session focuses on using the web site, developed by SQLBI, to improve your DAX knowledge. You will learn about the user interface, the data models, and sharing queries. Next, we will write queries using common DAX functions. You will want to bring your internet connected device to practice writing these queries during the session in your favorite browser. It is recommended that attendees have basic DAX skills/knowledge will get the most out of the session.

Kevin Arnold is the Director of Architecture and Managing Partner at Expert Analytics, overseeing software management methodologies, deployment strategy, and optimal data architectures for clients. He is a senior data architect with over 20 years’ experience, including at large-cap consultancies Price Waterhouse and EDS. He has spoken at numerous conferences and user groups, including the DAMA International and CA World Conferences.

His areas of interest include Power BI, Analysis Services, SQL Server, PowerShell, DevOps, Azure, and Power Query. His work focus within the Microsoft BI Stack has been on Analysis Services, Power BI and Azure SQL Server.

He is a co-leader and frequent presenter for the Dallas/Fort Worth Power BI User Group. He actively promotes worldwide user groups by sharing the Power BI Meetup Report.

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