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Intro to AutoML in Power BI Premium

With the launch of the Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) license, more users now have access to the Power BI AutoML feature. AutoML allows business analysts to build machine learning models using the enterprise data, solve business challenges and get insights that traditional BI techniques do not. In this session, we will take a technical deep dive into AutoML and not just build models but also look at how to evaluate, interpret and manage these models. If you are new to machine learning, we will cover the practical aspects of machine learning and best practices of deploying the models.

Sandeep Pawar is a data science professional with expertise in advanced data analytics and machine learning. He works at Cree Lighting (WI) as a Data Analytics Engineer and is a certified Azure Data Scientist. He has a fantastic blog which we recommend you check-out for more of his work: Sandeep Pawar | Power BI, ML, Python, R, Azure ML (

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