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Introduction to M Programming for the Power BI Warrior

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TED PATTISON (Critical Path Training)


In this user group talk, Ted Pattison will deliver a fast-paced primer on the fundamentals of the M programming language. This session aims to provide a solid foundation for writing M code in the Advanced Editor when designing queries in Power BI Desktop. Attendees will learn how to create and call function queries, as well as learn about the common scenarios where writing M code can achieve results not possible through the query editor alone. Ted will end his session on how your new-found M programming skills can be put to work by developing custom data connectors. Custom data connectors allow your organization to author shared query logic that can be deployed and reused across multiple Power BI Desktop projects.


Critical Path Training is owned and managed by Ted Pattison, a 12-time Microsoft MVP who has taught hundreds of technical professionals how to create custom reporting and data analytics solutions using the Power BI platform. Critical Path Training offers several different types of hands-on training classes on Power BI for various roles in Power BI such as business users, IT professionals, data professionals and software developers.

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