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Learn How to Track Errors with a Power Query Error Table

MARK WALTER (Industrial Finishes and Systems) – Learn How to Track Errors with a Power Query Error Table

Power Query is a remarkable ETL tool within Power BI; however it is all too easy to overlook errors that might be buried within our data. In this session, Mark will demonstrate a practical solution learned from Reza Rad (PASS Summit 2019) that combines Power Query transformations, and Power BI visuals to help better track and address root causes of errors as they arise in our dataset.

Mark is an Accounting and Analytics Manager at IFS. Since 1958, Industrial Finishes and Systems, Inc. (IFS), a Nationwide distributor, has brought complete system solutions to Auto Body Shops, RV manufactures, Wood product producers, and Aerospace industries. He is originally from Honolulu Hawaii but lived much of his adult life in the Seattle area where he majored in Finance and Accounting. Mark is an long time Excel power user, and today focuses on DAX/M and promoting a data driven culture. Mark enjoys speaking locally with networking and professional groups, helping to promote and build awareness of Power BI in the workplace.

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