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Make Your Data Work for You with Microsoft Power Platform

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The last 6-12 months have been nothing short of extraordinary in the acceleration of digital transformation across nearly all industries. Nearly every business has transformed the way they work and connect with their customers.

This seismic shift has left many organizations (large and small) looking for ways to connect with employees and customers—digitally and in the moment—where they demand curated and personalized experiences.

To seize this opportunity, companies are turning to low-code solutions like Microsoft Power Platform that empower their less experienced users to build their own applications quickly and put their data to work.

Let’s explore how Power Platform helps you do more, faster…and how you can leverage the Skypoint Cloud Power Platform Connector to unify customer data and make your data work for you.

Do More, Faster with Microsoft Power Platform

Consumer expectations have evolved significantly during this period of accelerated change. To keep up with their needs, companies need near real-time information combined with actionable insights about their customers:

  • Who they are
  • Their behaviors and interactions
  • Their changing preferences

Businesses are now reliant on automation to respond quickly to these demands at scale. But for automation to truly work, business users must be empowered to solve their own challenges and integrate with tools and solutions that they already know and love.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a suite of intuitive business-user friendly products that allow you to analyze and automate data with a low-code approach. The suite includes Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly known as “Flow”).

Through Power Platform, citizen developers quickly and easily set up workflows based on the customer data entities available in the connector along with a series of “triggers” used to automate the process. It’s as simple as writing a basic business command.

Want that NPS score in your inbox every morning? It’s a few clicks away. Need to respond to a customer inquiry? You can now deliver an “always-on” personalized service with virtual assistants as well as a seamless virtual-to-human hand-off.

Leverage the Skypoint Power Platform Connector

Skypoint’s connector puts all unified customer data to work by making it actionable, automatically triggering sales, service, and marketing workflows directly on the Power Platform.

With the Skypoint Cloud Power Platform Connector, users are able to create their own workflow automation that is embedded directly into the Microsoft ecosystem your company uses every day.

We were already in the era of citizen development. The impact of COVID has only led to greater adoption of low-code platforms such as Microsoft’s Power Platform to meet the exceedingly complex demands of doing business today.

The value of Skypoint’s suite combined with Power Platform is that not only can you build a complete customer 360 view, but now you can put that information to work for you with our connector into Microsoft’s low-code Power Platform.

To learn more about how to take advantage of Skypoint’s customer data platform and privacy software—in combination with Microsoft’s Power Platform—reach out to our team.

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