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Skypoint Cloud Acquires CSG Pro

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Skypoint Cloud, the privacy-first customer data platform built for consumer and healthcare brands, today announced the acquisition of Microsoft Gold Partner CSG Pro.

The acquisition brings together a SaaS platform dedicated to harnessing the power of data to deliver better customer and patient experiences, with a solutions team specializing in Microsoft Azure cloud, Snowflake cloud platform, data strategy, AI, and analytics. Their lineage-building line of business applications and industry-agnostic approach bring an unmatched depth and variety of experience to the table.

Hundreds of thousands of consumer and healthcare brands use Microsoft cloud to engage with customers and store critical customer information. With the acquisition, Skypoint strengthens its ability to tap into that data and AI—and personalize and enrich every customer interaction.

“CSG Pro is a market leader in unlocking the value of the Microsoft cloud data platform,” said Tisson Mathew, Skypoint CEO. “Their deep experience will change the game for Skypoint clients—enabling them to onboard seamlessly and power all of their applications, analytics, and tools with rich, accurate customer data.”

Skypoint’s technology unifies, cleanses, and organizes customer data so that brands can better understand and serve their customers. Skypoint integrations enabling enterprises to easily work with data from a variety of sources including Azure, Dynamics 365, Power BI, and Teams.

CSG Pro has experience working with organizations of all stripes, from small businesses to large enterprises, a variety of solutions and services including managed data warehousing, Power BI, analytics, machine learning, and application development for digital transformation.

The acquisition will enable clients to easily architect end-to-end solutions—reporting, personalization, and new line-of-business applications within the Microsoft cloud ecosystem—on top of Skypoint’s unified, accurate, and secure data foundation.

“We’re proud to be joining forces with Skypoint,” said CSG Pro CEO Ron Ellis Gaut. “Across industries, our clients are universally seeking to build more data-driven relationships with their customers—while safeguarding the privacy of customer data. And as part of the Skypoint team, we know that we can help them deliver on that vision.”

Skypoint has a deep existing investment in the Microsoft ecosystem. Much of the SaaS platform’s technology is built atop Microsoft Azure and Databricks. And Skypoint is the only customer data platform to leverage Microsoft’s common data model (CDM) for data interoperability.

About Skypoint Cloud

Skypoint Cloud is the privacy-first customer data platform that enables consumer and healthcare brands to unlock deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers. Skypoint collects customer data from disparate sources, uses machine learning to unify and enrich customer profiles, and provides businesses with the tools to responsibly access and manage customer data.

Businesses rely on Skypoint to understand their customers and deliver in the moments that matter—from better customer care to life-changing health interventions. Its privacy-centric design and common data model architecture make Skypoint the choice of brands seeking a scalable, compliant way to build a business around their customers.

About CSG Services

For nearly 3 decades CSG Pro has been delivering high-value data solutions and consulting services to organizations of all sizes and industries. CSG Pro services enable customers to realize more value from their data through the adoption of state-of-the-art cloud services, tools, and technologies.

CSG Pro services and expertise spans the full lifecycle of data across multiple business domains including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and logistics.

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