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The Power BI Designers Workflow: From Canvas to Creation

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Data is more than just numbers on a page. When combined with design, we suddenly have the power to connect and engage with our report users and ultimately transform our data into decisions. Come along for a demo-heavy session where Alice and Christian share practical design tips to help you start shaping your data story in Power BI – quickly! Starting from a blank canvas, they begin by asking questions of their data, and design a ‘5-minute mock-up’. They walk through how to transform this into a ‘Proof of Concept’ report, refined with layouts, themes, corporate branding, which can be used to get early feedback and engagement from business users. They then show you how to add the finishing touches like navigation bookmarks, buttons and tooltips to create a seamless user experience.

Alice Drummond is the Co-Founder of DiscoverEI, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and she has a real passion for combining Power BI and graphic design to bring data to life! Drawing on her background in environmental engineering, Alice works collaboratively with government organizations to turn mountains of data into practical, useful, decision-guiding insights. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Alice also gets a real buzz from training the next generation of data champions, and is a regular speaker at Power Platform community events and conferences.

Christian is the Director of Visual Solutions and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI. He is passionate about using clever communication methods and visual tools to effectively deliver a message. Through his experiences working as an environmental engineer, he has navigated through the realms and ever-changing platform of Power BI, and constantly aims to wow his clients with just how powerful the tool is for processing, analyzing and visualizing environmental data. Working at DiscoverEI, he combines data analytics with animations and infographics to enhance this message in environmental intelligence. Christian is an active member of the Melbourne Australia Meet-Up community (Power BI, PowerApps & Flow, SQL Social) and understands the power of combining engineering concepts and art to tell data stories and bridge the communication gap between engineers and decision makers.

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