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Visualizing Sustainability Practices in Power BI

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MAOLOUD DABAB (Portland State University) – Visualizing Sustainability Practices in Power BI


Maoloud is the Campus Sustainability Office’s first Sustainability Data Analyst at Portland State University. Using his expertise to translate sustainable development concepts into practice, his goal is to accelerate a culture of sustainability, inclusivity, and well-being on campus. Maoloud was tasked to procure the best data visualization tool for a public-facing dashboard on the website. He will be presenting about the tool selection process and demo how he built his dashboard. Also, he will talk about the challenges and some tricks that he learned during his experience.


Maoloud is Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering & Technology Management. His interests include analytical and computational methods, benchmarking, technology forecasting, and data mining. He is actively pursuing research and publications all the while working as a Data Analyst with Portland State University and the City of Portland Water Bureau.


View the Sustainability Dashboard Maoloud built here:

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