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AI Platform for Healthcare

Skypoint unifies your healthcare data sources so your can safely and securely “chat with your data”, grounded in context.

Chat with Your Healthcare Data

80% who have had a virtual-care visit would choose to have another—particularly Gen Z, millennials, and those with chronic diseases.* Skypoint helps you better serve healthcare consumers of the future.

Skypoint’s secure FHIR-enabled healthcare generative AI platform unifies data into a longitudinal patient record and empowers patients and providers to leverage conversational AI for better clinical outcomes. You gain data-driven capabilities that increase satisfaction and results across the care continuum.

*SOURCE: Deloitte

How Skypoint AI Propels You Into the Future of Care​

A new outlook for patients and providers who expect more.

Access Instant Answers

Say goodbye to waiting on your data teams for ages or learning SQL. Ask your complex questions and “chat with your data” and get instant answers.

Knowledge Management

Spend more quality time with your patients and members. With our help on the documentation, compliance and planning, you can free up about 10 hours a week. 

Streamline Workflows

Skypoint helps solve patient or family issues on the first call 25% more often, cut down call handling time by at least 20%, and reach 20% more patients or members. 

Optimize Care Teams

Optimize the patient journey through increased interoperability, data transparency, and care coordination.

Unify Patient Records​

Use ML-based identity resolution to create unified, accurate patient records and see a complete picture of the patient journey.

Gain a Patient 360 View​

Use chronological insights to understand patient interactions with your health system and how to build the best care plan.

Increase Accessibility​

Meet interoperability requirements by giving patients more control and securing information sharing between providers and payers.

Built for Healthcare Organizations That Choose Empowerment​

Healthcare is ushering in a new age of empowerment for patients and providers. With Skypoint, you’re prepared to serve healthcare consumers of the future and recommit to your care mission.